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Coffee enema benefits are impressive and far exceed the benefits of drinking coffee.

Sure seems easier, though, to go to a cafe, get a cup of coffee, and read the paper rather than go through all the trouble of a coffee enema.

Yes, it doesn't seem to make sense...unless you understand how your body absorbs and utilizes the nutrients found in an organic coffee enema.

I will give you the short form of Coffee Enema Benefits and then provide detail of each one afterwards.

Coffee Enema Benefits: Quick Facts

  1. Non-stimulating. In fact, they are calming when done properly.
  2. Stimulates bile flow. Caffeine stimulates your gallbladder to release toxic bile - a lot of bile - and bile stores a lot of toxins. This toxic bile gets washed out of your colon when coffee enemas are done properly.
  3. Increases glutathione production. High levels of palmitic acid, found in light roasted enema coffee, stimulates one of the bodies most important detoxification enzymes: glutathione-s-transferase (GST) which stimulates glutathione.
  4. Increases circulation. Theobromine, a stand alone compound and a byproduct of caffeine, is a potent dilator of blood vessels thereby increasing circulation. Poor circulation leads to a buildup of toxins, weak cell metabolism and cellular waste products. Thus, once you place theobromine, and caffeine, directly into your sigmoid colon via the coffee enema, you increase circulation thereby reducing cellular waste, stimulating cellular metabolism and eliminating toxins. Theobromine is found in lightly roasted enema coffees, especially Arabica or Robusta coffees
  5. Stimulates a bowel movement. The water found in the coffee enema stretches out the colon stiimulating the stretch receptors. This signals the body to have a bowel movement. Why is this a plus? You'll learn that in a minute.
  6. Pain Reduction. Pain reduction by coffee enemas was actually one of the first noticed benefits. The pain reduction occurs through a complex of processes which, although theoretical, makes sense and will be explained soon. In short, pain reduction may be due to increased bile flow, circulation and elimination of toxins.
  7. Contains antioxidants. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants - one of the highest containing levels of any food or product.

Those are the basic coffee enema benefits. While it may seem that only seven benefits are not worthy of going through the entire process of a coffee enema, these seven benefits are extremely powerful - and when combined, even more powerful.

Let's move on to explaining each benefit in detail so you understand why you'd want to do a coffee enema.

Coffee Enema Benefits #1: Non Stimulating
Caffeine from the coffee enema doesn't stimulate you nearly as much if you were to drink it.


By placing the coffee in your colon vs your stomach, you are significantly reducing the body's ability to absorb the caffeine into your general circulation.

Let me explain.

When you drink coffee, the caffeine and other antioxidants from coffee get absorbed by your intestines and into your main blood vessels. Pretty quickly, you begin to feel the effects of the caffeine: alert, anxious and generally stimulated.

In time, the caffeine in your blood makes its way to your liver where the caffeine is processed by the liver's phase 1 detoxification pathway. Your jitters and feelings of alertness fade - well, they fade slowly if you have a sluggish phase 1 detoxification pathway or they fade quickly if your phase 1 detoxification pathway is fast.

I will tell you right now an important point that is beyond the scope of the benefits of coffee enemas but it is so important that it must be brought to your attention.

Do you drink coffee or any caffeine and you are easily stimulated from it and that feeling lasts for some time? If you answered yes, your body is doing a very poor job at processing toxins, chemicals or other harmful compounds.

This increases your risk of chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, fatigue, cancer, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances and generalized ill health.

By performing a coffee enema, you are skipping the body's normal absorption of caffeine. By introducing enema coffee into your colon, specifically your sigmoid colon, the antioxidants, theobromine and caffeine are effectively absorbed by the portal venous system.

The portal venous system carries the caffeine and other compounds from the enema coffee right to the liver.

Important point: The higher you insert the enema tube, the less absorption you will get via the portal venous system. This means if you insert the enema tubing more than 10 inches, you will feel the caffeine effect more so than if you inserted the enema tubing between 8 to 10 inches.

This is a benefit. You'll see why in a second.

All the caffeine that is put into your colon via the coffee enema gets absorbed by the hemorrhoidal vein in about 10 to 15 to 20 minutes. I believe the actual lab tested number is 11 minutes and that was determined by Max Gerson, MD.

The hepatic portal system, carries the caffeine from the coffee along with the antioxidants and palmitic acid right to the liver by what is known as the Hepatic Portal Circulation. The liver processes the caffeine, takes the palmitic acid and from that glutathione is indirectly increased and the other antioxidants from the coffee are also directly deposited to the liver.

If you simply drink coffee, the caffeine gets into your stomach, absorbed into the general circulation and increases your heart rate, stimulates and weakens your adrenals, stimulates a bowel movement, depletes minerals through increased urination, restricts your blood vessels and makes you 'crash' in an hour or so afterwards unless you drink another cup of coffee.