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Doing coffee enemas or want to start? PurEnema Coffee is prepared specifically for coffee enemas: lightly air roasted, organic, shade grown, high caffeine and high palmitic acid whole coffee bean. Free of toxic substances and is stored in whole bean form for freshness to provide optimal detoxifying action for coffee enemas. Instructions available on back of packaging.

Product Description


PurEnema Coffee is lightly roasted in small batches to preserve these compounds which provide the benefits of coffee enemas.PurEnema Coffee is organic, shade-grown, and fairly traded coffee that is designed to make it the healthiest choice for coffee enemas.

Coffee Enemas: Why use PurEnema Coffee?

  • PurEnema Coffee is roasted using a special air-roasting process that results in evenly browned and aromatic beans. This process, unlike the drum roasting of mass produced coffee, does not result in any smoke or scorching that might leave carcinogenic residue on the coffee beans.
  • Air-Roasted Coffee preserves coffee’s Beneficial Nutrients: Caffeine is an important aspect of how coffee enemas work, as it stimulates bile flow, and the palmitic acid content of coffee supports glutathione’s antioxidant activity.* These beneficial compounds are preserved in air-roasted coffee.
  • Whole Bean Coffee retains its freshness & potency longer. Ground coffee begins to go stale within hours, even when stored in a sealed container. For maximum freshness, store your beans in a sealed container in the freezer and grind just before use.
  • PurEnema Coffee Beans are organically grown so there are no chemical residues that are detrimental to your health. PurEnema coffee is also certified Fair Trade and shade grown, which is better both for the quality of the coffee and the long-term health of the soil.

Coffee Enemas are considered a natural method of supporting detoxification and encouraging healthy bile flow.* A standard cup of coffee will not provide you the maximum benefits of coffee enemas. The ideal coffee to use for performing coffee enemas is one that is free of toxic substances, has high caffeine content, and is stored in whole bean form for freshness.

How to Prepare PurEnema Coffee:

1. In a stainless steel or glass stovetop container, bring 4 cups of filtered water to a boil.

2. Use finely ground coffee beans for maximum caffeine extraction and enema benefit. Only grind what you will immediately use for enema. Consider 1 tablespoon of PurEnema Coffee per cup of filtered water.

3. Reseal the PurEnema Coffee bag.

4. Add the 4 tablespoons of PurEnema Coffee to the boiling 4 cups of water or as directed by your health professional

5. With a lid, let boil for 5 minutes and then simmer for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

6. After 15 to 20 minutes, remove from heat, and allow to cool to 98 degrees F or warm temperature

7. Strain with a tea leaf strainer or other stainless steel strainer or pure cotton tea bag. Do no use paper coffee filters as they are full of chemicals and also bind the healthy fats from the coffee.

7. Ensure that you have at least 4 cups of solution to pour into your enema kit. If not, add enough filtered water to do so. Pour into Clean Colon Kit or other zero toxicity enema device.

8. Perform Coffee Enema as directed by your healthcare professional.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional Information

Product Name PurEnema Coffee - Organic
Brand Seeking Health
Contraindications Use under the guidance of a health professional.
Additional Notes Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.
Age Adult
Return Policy 60 Day Monday Back Guarantee
SKU 023-14-001-00
Does not contain Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts, Corn, GMO, Prebiotics

Product Questions

Questions on PurEnema Coffee - Organic

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  • Too little or too much filtered water3/13/13 12:08 AM
    • What is considered the minimum and maximum amount of liquid one can put in a bag? I usually do better with large volume enemas. Is it necessary to use a colon tube when doing coffee enemas?
    • Hello - 

      Larger volume enemas I do not recommend as if they are done too often, it can overstretch your stretch receptors in your colon making it harder for you to naturally have the urge to defecate.

      It is not necessary to use a colon tube when doing coffee enemas. Using a retention enema nozzle is actually quite useful as it helps prevent 'leakage'

      If you are finding you need higher volume enemas, then I highly recommend you read my Enema Instructional Booklet - as it has some useful tips at the end - which may greatly improve your digestion and elimination.

      In health,

      Dr Lynch

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  • Coffee3/29/13 3:38 AM
    • Hi
      I would like to ask if it is okay to store your purenema coffee beans in the fridge after opening the packet. I know you mention Store in a cool, dry place (59-85 degrees) away from direct sunlight but is this okay storing it in the fridge on an airtight container? will it retain its freshness?
    • Hi Joe - 

      Yes, you may store the enema coffee in the fridge to help maintain freshness.

      In health,

      Dr Lynch

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  • Percentage of Palmitic Acid8/29/13 4:17 PM
    • What is the percentage of palmitic acid and caffeine content in the coffee beans and where is it sourced/harvested?
    • Hello - 

      We do not have actual lab values for these but it is known that this form of coffee bean has high content. This is why we use it.

      There is a coffee bean variety that has higher levels of caffeine and palmitic acid but it is not grown organically - thus not safe to use in my opinion.

      This comes from Central America typically and sometimes South America.

      In health,

      Dr Lynch

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  • John Steele9/10/13 11:08 AM
    • Is it safe to do a coffee enema every day?
    • Hello,

      We do not recommend daily enemas as frequent or prolonged use of enemas may result in loss of natural bowel function. Use only when needed or prescribed by your physician.

      Thank you,

      Strother Kukes

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  • Yuri Varzari10/8/13 8:28 AM
    • In "How to prepare enema" section, #5 says "WITH a lid, let boil for 5 minutes and then simmer for an additional 15 to 20 minutes".

      Shouldn't it be WITHOUT the lid boil for 5 minutes, then with the lid simmer for 15-20 minutes?

    • Hello Yuri,

      Dr. Lynch recommends gently boiling with the lid on, but the important part is that you bring it to a boil. Thank you for your question and interest in our product.

      Strother Kukes

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  • Coffee Enema instructions10/14/13 6:53 PM
    • There is two different directions for coffee enemas, one on the back of the coffee bag and the instruction booklet that comes with the enema kit. On the back of the coffee bag it says use 1 to 2 level TBS per quart and boil covered for 5 minutes. In the booklet it says 8 heaping TBS per 2 quarts. I find this confusing, the difference b/w 2 level TBS and 4 heaping TBS per quart is alot. I figure the 2 TBS per quart is correct one?
    • Hello Doris,

      The directions with 2 tablespoons per quart are our newer instructions, which also give the option of using one table spoon per quart for a more mild effect.  Basically the more coffee used in the solution the more potent it will become, as everyone is different, people will find different amounts that work best for them.

      Thank you,

      Strother Kukes


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  • Grinding coffee10/22/13 9:20 AM
    • I know it's probably better to use a steal enema kit but I don't have one at the time, I have a enema bag. I find it hard to grind the coffee beans enough that the coffee can go thru the tube easier, the excess coffee get stuck and the liquid can't get thru even with my sifter i have problems, maybe im not preparing the coffee right? i dont know. suggestions on making it easier I hope I explain my problem ok
    • Hello,

      It sounds as though you are not grinding the coffee enough. We recommend using a finely ground coffee, there should not be any chunks, should be closer to the consistency of sand.

      Thank you,

      Strother Kukes

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  • coffee enema11/12/13 1:34 PM
    • I have the MTHFR and one of my many symptoms is constant severe nausea, I do get constipated easily could be due to all the medications I am on. My question, is there ever any side effects to coffee enema. Will it make me more nauseated and why not just use plain water. What is there about coffee that makes it good to use for enemas. Thak you, Kathy
    • Hello,

      Using coffee as opposed to just plain water can help the body to detoxify by increasing bile flow and the palmatic acid supports antioxidant activity. There are no common side effects, but frequent or prolonged use of enemas may result in loss of normal bowel functions. Use only when needed or as prescribed by your physician.

      Thank you,

      Strother Kukes

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  • Coffe Processing3/10/14 12:37 PM
    • There are two methods of picking coffee beans:

      1) picking coffee beans all at once whereby there will beans of various ripeness
      rotting on the vine. The rotting beans will contain molds, the molds cause
      toxins and bitterness. All of these beans are mixed together in processing.
      These beans are the ones that go to the USA. The bitterness is disguised by
      burning the means in the roast method but the toxins remain.

      2) beans are picked daily and only the ripe ones are picked. Only light roasting
      is necessary. These beans go to Europe and South America. These are
      a little more expensive because of the daily picking.

      Which kind of processing is used on your beans?
    • Hello,

      Our coffee is handpicked when ripe, it is never "strip picked" (where everything is pulled off of the plant). Once the ripe beans have been picked they are lightly roasted as this makes a big difference in terms of quality, consistency, etc.



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