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Affiliate Program

How to become a Seeking Health Affiliate:

TO APPLY, see the simple 1-2-3 below!

Support your followers with world class supplements and get paid to do it!

At Seeking Health, we’ve partnered up with bloggers and leaders in the health, wellness and fitness, large and small, to offer our pure, potent supplement line to their audience.

No cost. No Inventory. Just bottom line profits.
And the RIGHT nutrition to support your community.

To learn more, just email our Affiliate Manager, Ceylon Keeslar, at [email protected].

No practitioner license needed.

Commission Structure

Base Commission: 10% to 30%

  • Our commission ranges from 10% - 30%
  • We offered tiered commission structure - the higher your sales, the better your commission
  • Your end-user has up to 60 days to complete a purchase after visiting our site through your link – 60 day cookie return period!
  • Private offers or special commission rates will be awarded for featured products at

To get started, contact our affiliate manager today!


Apply for Rakuten LinkShare, our affiliate platform here.

Your application will be approved/rejected within 1 business day.

Want to be Seeking Health Brand Ambassador? If you use a platform to promote products such as Instagram, and do not want to be a part of our affiliate program, ask about our product-only Brand Ambassador requirements.


Apply to be a Seeking Health Affiliate.

Simply search for Seeking Health in the advertiser search box in your Rakuten account and click “apply”. Your application will be approved/denied within 1 business day.

Why would your application be rejected? Due to Nexus tax laws, our offer is limited to select US states. If you are rejected for this reason, please check back as these “approved” states can change. If you don't have a platform to provide product links, then you will not be able to receive commission. If either of these is the case, then ask Ceylon, our affiliate manager, about becoming a product-only Brand Ambassador.


Gain access to our product links, banners, and logos for your website!

For product-specific content and education, just reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Seeking Health affiliate?

A person or company who has a similar mission as Seeking Health – to Optimize the lives of others through holistic health and wellness on their website or social media platform. This includes, health and wellness bloggers, online supplement/health stores, prenatal care websites and much more!

What do I need to become a Seeking Health affiliate?

All you need is a social media platform or website that will host our affiliate links! No practitioner license or resale license. Keep in mind, platforms such as instagram have very limited options for linking. However, blogs, emails, websites, online stores, Facebook and twitter are great options.

Why would my application to Rakuten be rejected?

Rakuten has their own rules and regulations for applying to their LinkShare program. You must provide a valid and honest application, and have a fully working website or social media platform that contains appropriate content. Please see the application for more information.

Why would my application to Seeking Health Affiliate Program be rejected?

Once you are approved by Rakuten, you must apply to Seeking Health’s program. If you are not accepted, consider the following reasons:

  • Your company missions or purpose does not align with Seeking Health's mission statement
  • Seeking Health was unable to access your website
  • Your website is not yet live
  • Your traffic levels are too low
  • There is inappropriate or fraudulent material on your site
  • Your company's category in Rakuten does not match the categories accepted by Seeking Health
  • You conduct business in a USA state in which Seeking Health does not have Nexus (tax law presence).

    The following states are NOT approved for Affiliate business*:
    - Rhode Island
    - Wyoming

    *These unapproved states are subject to change. Please check back regularly if your state is listed here.

What if I use Instagram or some other non-linkable website as my educational platform?

Instagram has limited options for linking, which makes it difficult to be an affiliate that solely relies on commissions from clicks. You may direct your traffic to Facebook or your website via your Instagram account. However, we do have other options that may suit your needs, such as brand ambassador. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

How are my commissions calculated?

Commissions are based on which products you sell and quantity of sales. Some products have a higher commission value than others. We offer a tiered commission structure (see above “Commission Structure”) which allows you to receive a higher commission percentage the more products you sell.

Anytime a customer of your clicks your Seeking Health link and purchases a product, you receive commission.

Some customers will click your link out of “interest”, but then don’t make a purchase. If they come direct to seeking health’s website after their “interested” click, you will still receive commission as long as it is within 60 days of their first “interested” click. This is on that first purchase only. The 60 day period is called the “return days”. This 60 day return period allows affiliates (you) to receive reward for referring customers even if they don't purchase the first time. It also allows you to still get rewarded when they go direct to after seeing your link.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid by Rakuten Linkshare once monthly if a minimum of $50.00 in sales has been achieved. If this is not achieved, you will have 3 months to meet this threshold. If you continue to miss the $50.00 threshold, you will receive your total commission payment in the first quarter of the following year.

Can I be an affiliate if I am a health professional?

Absolutely. However, keep in mind we do offer a couple more options which might better suit your needs:

  • Wholesale Program: Our wholesale program offers the highest commission out of all our referral programs and partnerships - approximately 35% depending on product. You also receive tiered discounts/price breaks starting at 3% up to 10%. In addition, as a new wholesaler, you receive 15% off of wholesale pricing (AND tiered pricing) within the first 30 days. You must have a business license, resale license (if required) and medical/health-related certification. You also must house the inventory yourself. This means you order from at wholesale pricing and sell the supplements at retail price at your clinic or office. Sign up for our wholesale program here.
  • FullScript or Doctor’s Supplement Store: We partner with these two distributors who offer generous commission rates (20-25%) without the need to house inventory. You must be a practicing health professional with a business license, but instead of ordering from Seeking Health, orders are shipped dropped shipped directly to the patient. This is great option for physicians who cannot manage orders or house inventory. Sign up for either of these options here: FullScript and Doctor’s Supplement Store.

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