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Autoship products

Streamline your supplement routine with Autoship!

The Seeking Health Autoship program allows you to easily arrange recurring shipments of the supplements you need to optimize your life.

Select your reorder schedule, add your billing and shipping information to the secure payment vault at checkout, and let us do the rest.

Even sweeter – Autoship orders ship free!*

Choose your products.

Set your schedule.


*Domestic orders only. Automatic orders only. Initial order subject to standard shipping policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Autoship?

Just choose Autoship Delivery on the product page and select your desired delivery schedule before you add the product to your cart. If you forget to select Autoship on the product page, you can also update your selection from the Shopping Cart before you proceed to checkout. Be sure to click “Update Shopping Cart” to make sure your changes take effect.

Or let us set up your subscription for you! Our Optimal Support team is here to start your Autoship schedule at 800-547-9812.

How much do I pay for shipping for my Autoship orders?

Select your desired shipping method on your first order. All subsequent Autoship orders will ship as follows:

Domestic Orders

Free Shipping* - Your order will ship out either USPS or FedEx depending on weight and destination. Transit time is typically 2-6 business days.

International Orders

$25 Flat Rate - Your order will ship out DHL Express Worldwide. Transit time is typically 3-8 business days and tracking is included.

*Automatic orders only. Initial order subject to standard shipping rates and policy.

Is there an enrollment fee?

No. There is no cost to enroll in the Seeking Health Autoship Program; just pay for your initial order like any other order.

Why don't I see a PayPal option at checkout?

The Autoship program requires a credit card on file to process and charge your future Autoship orders. We are not able to arrange automatic billing for Autoship orders with Paypal.

How do I pay for Autoship orders after the initial order?

When you place the initial order, your credit card information is tokenized and stored in a secure vault. Your stored credit card is charged each time a subsequent Autoship order is processed. We are not able to arrange Autoship orders with Paypal, checks, or other payment methods.

Are there any limits on the products or amounts of each product that I can order on Autoship?

Most Seeking Health products are available for Autoship. Products that are designated "while supplies last" are not eligible for Autoship subscriptions. You may order up to 99 of each product on an Autoship schedule.

What if I want to change or cancel my Autoship subscription?

No problem. Click “My Autoship” from your Account Dashboard to pause, cancel, or change your delivery schedule for any product, any time. If you click “More Details” under any of your Autoship product subscriptions, you can also change or update your delivery address and credit card information. Changes or cancellations must be made at least two days before your next scheduled order.

How long do I have to change or cancel my subscription before my next order?

Changes or cancellations must be made at least two days before your next scheduled order.

Can I add an item to an existing Autoship subscription?

Each product is set up on its own subscription schedule. This allows you to customize your delivery schedule to the pace you go through each product. You can create a new product subscription at any time. If your subscriptions share the same order details, they will automatically group together and ship out in the same package.

What happens if an item I have on Autoship is out of stock on the date it is scheduled to ship?

If you have any other items scheduled to ship on the same date, those items will ship as usual. Once the out of stock item is available again, it will be shipped to you and your Autoship subscription will resume the same schedule you originally selected.

Do I earn Reward Points for Autoship orders?

Yes. You earn Reward Points at the same rate as any other order on both your initial order and all subsequent Autoship orders.

Can I spend my Reward Points on Autoship orders?

Yes. Simply enter the amount of Points you would like to use on your future Autoship orders in the "Use My Rewards on Subscriptions" box by clicking Account>Account Information. If the amount is available at the time of your next subscription order, your Reward Points will be applied to that order before your card is charged. If you do not have enough Points, don't worry! You earn Reward Points on each of your Autoship orders. Once you've earned your desired amount of Points, they will apply to your very next Autoship order.

I am a wholesale customer. Can I still use the Autoship program?

Yes. Both wholesale and retail customers can set up orders for Autoship delivery. Please note that due to the deep discounts already offered to wholesale customers, additional discounts are not available on wholesale Autoship orders.

I have a new credit card number or expiration date for my card on file. How do I update my payment information?

Click “My Autoship” from your Account. Click “More Details” under any of your Autoship product subscriptions to change or update your credit card information.

Can I set up automatic shipments to my friends and family members across the country?

Yes. You can set the delivery address for each Autoship order separately. This means you can "gift" automatic deliveries of Seeking Health supplements to your friends an family, or set up convenient refills for your clients.

Are there any advantages of setting up an Autoship subscription?

Yes! Autoship allows you to "set it and forget it," allowing you to spend time on the important things - rather than spending your time placing orders for the same items time and time again. You can select the refill schedule that works for best for you and your supplement regimen.

When you leave the reordering to us, you don't have to worry about running out of the products you rely on every day.

Autoship orders ship free! (Domestic orders only. Automatic orders only. Initial order subject to standard shipping policy.)

Save up to 5% on each product you select for Autoship. (Retail customers only.)

More Questions?

Contact our Optimal Support Specialists at 800-547-9812 or [email protected].

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