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Seeking Health's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Seeking Health's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Written by: Seeking Health

It’s the time of year where gift-giving and gift-buying can get overwhelming and insane. Cut the stress and think outside the typical retail box of plastic by giving the gift of investing in wellness.

Instead of opting for gifts that might be used one minute and tossed aside the next, the items on this list are long-lasting and invest in the well-being of the ones you love.

Water Bottles




Sustainable and reusable, these ultra high-quality Seeking Health water bottles are food grade stainless steel and won’t retain flavors, making them the perfect go-everywhere beverage holder. Perfect for the busy people on your list!





Everyone loves new t-shirts and these Seeking Health T-Shirts are perfect for anyone who loves to exercise, run, or play recreational sports. The wicking material keeps you feeling fresh all day long and they’re durable and long-lasting, with a high-quality print of the bright and vibrant Seeking Health logo. Available in white and royal blue. A great gift for the wellness-guru on your list.

Dirty Genes: The Book




Understanding how to support individual wellness and promote optimal genetic function is literally the gift that can keep on giving—for years and years to come. Learn how to optimize your genetic function by cleaning your dirty genes with Dr. Ben Lynch's best-selling book, Dirty Genes!

Dirty Genes: The Course




For the wellness lover who wants to take their knowledge to the next level, gift the personalized knowledge of a course that teaches the ins and outs of customizing a lifestyle approach for genetic wellness.

Optimal Glutathione Plus Capsules




The master antioxidant in the body, glutathione is a great way to naturally support cellular and genetic wellness. Optimal Glutathione Plus Capsules are perfect for anyone on your list who wants to feel great heading into a new year.

Optimal GI Capsules




Digestion is an important part of well-being. A perfect stocking stuffer, Optimal GI capsules help to promote healthy and normal digestive function and can help to keep you feeling good all year long.

Optimal Methylate Chewable




Chewable nutrients that support cellular health and energy levels! Optimal Methylate Chewable provides a lower dose of methylation support for those who are sensitive to the higher doses found in most methyl support supplements, along with active forms of folate, B12 and nine other targeted nutrients to help support and optimize healthy methylation processes.

Optimal Potassium Powder




Electrolytes like potassium are important for hydration and cellular health. If your potassium levels are low, your cells are not communicating to each other—it's that important! Optimal Potassium Powder is a delicious powder that helps to support proper fluid balance in the body—perfect for the athlete or sports lover in your life.

Vitamin D3




Winter brings with it dark days and longer nights, and potential vitamin D3 deficiency which is extremely common, regardless of how much sun exposure one gets. Give the gift of healthy immunity and many other aspects of wellness by gifting Vitamin D3 capsules to everyone on your list.

ProBiota Sensitive




Gut health is essential for so many areas of wellness and ProBiota Sensitive is a gentle probiotic that naturally supports good bacteria. Ideal for anyone who’s not used to taking probiotics or those who might feel sensitive to other formulations, this is a great go-to option for stocking stuffers or even the perfect gift for yourself.

Trace Minerals Complex II 




Trace minerals are every bit as necessary as other minerals, and when you don’t have the proper balance, it can affect every area of life. Promote wellness and healthy cells for everyone on your list with Trace Minerals Complex II, a thoughtful, easy-to-take supplement.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're buying for the loved ones on your gift-giving list or investing in your own well-being as you head into another year, this is the perfect collection of wellness-focused ideas. Don’t waste time wandering store aisles or browsing online markets with no clue what to buy—use this sustainable and simple gift guide for the rest of your list!

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