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For limited time, enjoy 20% off Multivitamin Sensitive. While supplies last. Automatic discount applied at checkout.

Optimal Electrolyte – Same great formula, NEW stick packs!

Optimal Electrolyte – Same great formula, NEW stick packs!

Written by: Seeking Health

One of our most popular products – Optimal Electrolyte, now in a single serve stick pack!

Seeking Health's Optimal Electrolyte formula includes magnesium, potassium, creatine, niacin, taurine and d-ribose. Each of these ingredients synergistically supports energy, muscle development and hydration! 

The NEW stick pack formula comes in three flavors:

  • Orange – like a fresh peeled orange, zesty
  • Berry – sweet and delightful
  • Plain – slightly salty and refreshing

The new, convenient stick packs limit exposure to air and moisture, making these an anywhere, anytime, addition to your healthy lifestyle. Grab one and go!  


What is an electrolyte?

An electrolyte is a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution, allowing your cells to function properly.

Electrolytes carry electrical charges and play a key role in maintaining cell membrane stability and enabling proper muscle function.

They are essential for the normal function of our cells and organs.

Seeking Health's Optimal Electrolyte powder contains sodium, potassium, and magnesium as electrolytes. It is gluten-free, vegan and formulated without cane sugar. It supports your hydration, healthy cognition and mental clarity, energy levels and normal muscle growth and repair.

It bubbles and fizzes when you add it to water, so be aware of the amount of filtered water in your glass so it doesn't overflow! That is the magic of effervescence at work, activating when it comes into contact with water for a refreshing fizzy sensation. 

And wouldn't you know it, Dr. Ben's favorite supplement is Optimal Electrolyte - plain flavor!

What nutrients are in the Optimal Electrolyte formula?

The key ingredients below make Optimal Electrolyte an excellent choice for supporting endurance and energy levels as part of your daily routine or fitness regimen.

Magnesium - helps the body with muscle function & energy production. Sodium & Potassium  - helps the body regulate water Taurine - helps the body absorb magnesium & provides energy support.  Niacin - helps with mitochondria support & is a key component for NAD synthesis. Creatine - may support mental cognition, muscular health, strength and speed training by helping cells regenerate ATP.  D-Ribose - aids in cellular maintenance, supports energy production and muscle recovery. optimal-electrolyte-stick-packs-fitness-2 Why are electrolytes important?

a. Supports electricity in your body - as we are dependent upon our cellular energy and electrical signals for nearly everything.

b. Magnesium inadequacy is common.

c. Potassium inadequacy is very common.

d. Dehydration is all too common.   

e. Most people sweat and do not replenish with quality electrolytes, due to poor diet, stress & lifestyle factors.

f. Important for muscle function and contraction.optimal-electrolyte-product-hydration-support_04

How to take Optimal Electrolyte:

Optimal Electrolyte can be mixed into water and may provide the most support at the following times: 

a. Prior to or after exercise

b. Prior to or during sauna

c. Upon waking or after breakfast

d. Avoid drinking 5 hours before bedtime (may increase energy levels)

Are there side effects from Optimal Electrolyte?

Normally you would not experience any major side effects from drinking electrolytes. It is important to drink plenty of water with your electrolytes and continually throughout the day.

Possible Side Effects

• May cause constipation - if you experience a back up, it may be that one is mixing Optimal Electrolyte into too little of filtered water. Be sure to use a minimum of 8 oz per serving, or more, and drink more slowly vs. chugging a full glass.  You may stop taking for a day, Pulse your doses, and drink plenty of water.   

• A burning stomach, if this occurs, take the electrolytes 20 minutes after eating. This may also be sign you may need to support your gut lining. Optimal GI Powder provides a powerful blend of herbs to support digestive and gastrointestinal health.

• Feeling woozy, if this occurs, take electrolytes with food. May be a sign you are not fat  adapted. Consider acetyl-l-carnitine (transports fats*) and/or biotin to help you become fat  adapted. You may also benefit from adrenal cortex for adrenal and energy support.


D-Ribose may affect blood sugar levels. Make sure to talk to your doctor before use if you have a condition or are taking medication that affects your blood sugar.

new-optimal-electrolyte-stick-packs-hydration Support healthy hydration and all your activities with Optimal Electrolyte today.
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