Air Pollution Support

Air Pollution Support

Air pollution is a growing concern both indoors and outdoors.

Forest fires, new construction, remodeling, chlorine fumes from showers, pools and hot tubs, mycotoxins from mold, formaldehyde from remodeling, scented dryer sheets, gas stoves, fuel exhaust, aldehydes from perfumes all contribute to Dirty Genes.

An increased burden of air pollutants puts a significant load on your detoxification genes. Particularly, GST and GPX genes get overwhelmed. These genes utilize glutathione to help metabolize many harmful compounds allowing you to eliminate them from your body. If you're low in glutathione, your ability to eliminate pollutants drops significantly.

First thing you should do is minimize exposure to air pollution. Use an air purifier with HEPA filtration and a carbon filter. Recycle the air in your vehicle when driving in traffic to minimize exhaust coming in. Use a chlorine shower filter to remove chlorine gas. Turn on your vent hood above your cooktop to reduce gas exhaust and oxidized oils. Do not use scented dryer sheets or fragrance anywhere including perfume, deodorant, soap or colognes. Most of these use harmful aldehydes and phthalates.

Now that you've reduced your exposure to air pollutants, you need to get them out of your body. A sauna is a great way to help mobilize chemicals and sweat them out. One should sauna as often as they can comfortably. Dr. Lynch recommends High Tech Health saunas. If you need a sauna, give them a call at 800-794-5355 and mention Dr. Lynch to save $500. (While Dr. Lynch does receive a commission, he has personally used this sauna for nearly 20 years. We also have one right here in our Seeking Health headquarters!)

To support elimination of chemicals while in a sauna, use Optimal Electrolyte, Optimal Liposomal Glutathione, Liver Nutrients, Calcium D Glucarate. These all support major areas of your detoxification pathways.* It's very important to support detoxification pathways while in the sauna. If not, what happens is the chemicals you have mobilized from fat and elsewhere may simply circulate around in your body versus getting metabolized and eliminated. It's key to hydrate!* Be sure to download Dr. Lynch's How to Sauna Guide to get great results.

Making a smoothie in the morning using Optimal Detox is a comprehensive and tasty way to support your body’s natural elimination of chemicals.* Make sure you hydrate using Optimal Electrolyte so you support actual elimination of many of these chemicals via urine. Your kidneys filter your blood and the more hydrated you are, the more protected your kidneys are. Stay hydrated.*

Forest fires are a growing concern and seem to get worse each year. Prior to fire season, consider adding any one of the glutathione supplements, Liver Nutrients, Thiamine, Optimal Electrolyte and PQQ to your home first aid kit. These will help support your body’s natural defenses against smoke and other toxins.*

Detoxification is a very demanding process requiring many vitamins, minerals and sulfur compounds. Using the supplements below will support many of your detoxification pathways. If you can only choose one, choose one of the glutathione supplements. The most comprehensive glutathione supplement is Optimal Liposomal Glutathione Plus. If you do not tolerate glutathione well, then use PQQ and Optimal Electrolyte first. Then try adding in Optimal Liposomal Glutathione Plus at a low amount - just a drop or two. Work up as tolerated.*

Remember, the most important thing is to minimize exposure to air pollution. It's not easy but do your best. That's a priority. Then supplement as needed. Once you get the air pollutants down and you're feeling better, then reduce the amount and frequency of detoxification support supplements.

Always keep detoxification supplements on hand. We're always getting exposed to some varying degree.