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You’re catching a glimpse into all supplements offered by Seeking Health. If you’re looking to see what we have to offer, you’re in the right place!


If you’re struggling with something specific and looking to support: mood, histamine intolerance, energy, digestion, focus or pregnancy, please visit these specific categories. There you will find resources to help guide you. We provide you comparison charts, quizzes and some general supplement information. 


If you’re really lost and have no idea which supplement you need, consider this:


Why do you need a supplement anyway? Have you ever thought about that? 


The answer is pretty simple. Everything your body does requires healthy genetic expression. If your genetic expression isn’t functioning, then you aren’t either.


We like to call a gene that’s not functioning well a ‘dirty gene.’ These genes aren’t broken. They’re just dirty. The premise is that you can ‘clean’ a ‘dirty gene’ and thus feel great again!


Genes don't perform their best for various reasons. One reason is because they don’t have the necessary nutrients. Without the necessary nutrients, genes cannot function optimally. Which nutrients you need depends on which genes are dirty.


A great starting place is reading the book, Dirty Genes, by our founder, Dr. Ben Lynch. This book provides you a great understanding of how your body works, which nutrients it needs, when it needs them and why.