Antioxidant Support Supplements

Antioxidant Support Supplements

Antioxidant means ‘against oxidation’. An antioxidant protects you and your body from oxidative stress. 


Oxidative stress happens when you exercise (especially intensely for long duration), when you eat too much or poor quality foods, when you drink sugary or alcoholic drinks, when your body is fighting an infection, when you’re angry or stressed out or when you’re exposed to various chemicals or certain medications like laughing gas.


Some oxidative stress is useful. So you don’t want to take antioxidants all the time. Exercise is a great example. The oxidative stress from exercise stimulates more mitochondrial production. Fever is another example. Fever creates a huge amount of oxidative stress which helps your body fight infections.


When do you need antioxidants? If you exercise and have post-workout soreness for days, after your fever is gone and your body aches, after drinking alcohol or eating excessively, after an environmental exposure like formaldehyde or after taking medication like Tylenol or laughing gas. When the body is exposed to stressful events such as these, antioxidants can support a healthy response to stress.


How do you know you need antioxidants? You are interested in supporting healthy muscles, a clear mind, endurance, and healthy positive mood,  respiratory system and vision.


What antioxidant support supplement is the best tolerated and most popular? PQQ Lozenge. It’s easy to take, works well and is well-tolerated by so many people. Dr. Lynch’s wife absolutely LOVES PQQ Lozenge. She takes it after workouts otherwise she’s sore for days.


Another favorite antioxidant support supplement is Optimal Glutathione Plus or Optimal Liposomal Glutathione Plus. These are great to consider taking a few times a week first thing in the morning before food.