Dirty Genes™ - COMT Slow Support

Your COMT Slow is known as ‘Focused and Buoyant.’ The role of your COMT gene is to help metabolize estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. If your COMT Slow is balanced, you’re focused, alert, Type A driven person, have beautiful skin, great mood, and are great at learning things. If your COMT Slow is too slow, you’re having issues with calming down when stressed, have anxiety with school tests or public speaking, do not handle stressful situations well, cannot fall asleep, and may have higher amounts of estrogen contributing to high estrogen issues such as PMS or fibroids.

To help speed up a COMT Slow, one may simply consume less protein. Have a hearty protein breakfast, a bit less protein at lunch, and much less in the evening. This may help significantly.

Magnesium deficiency is also associated with a COMT Slow and any form of magnesium may help speed up your COMT. Magnesium and SAMe are the nutrients your COMT gene needs in order to function. Without magnesium and SAMe, your COMT gene will not perform well at all. A great combination for COMT Slow before bed is SAMe and Magnesium Plus. SAMe may help metabolize histamine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine which are all associated with difficulty falling asleep. The added magnesium and B6 found in Magnesium Plus may support metabolism of glutamate. These may be used to support the body’s healthy response to stress and anxiety as well as Lithium Orotate.*

Since the COMT gene also works on metabolizing estrogen, using estrogen metabolizing supplements like DIM + I3C, Calcium-D-Glucarate and Liver Nutrients may help speed up a COMT Slow.*

If you also have a MAOA Slow, speeding this up may help as well. Riboflavin and Lithium Orotate may help speed up a slow MAOA.* 

Reading Dirty Genes and following the Soak and Scrub Method is the most thorough way to clean your COMT Slow gene. Be sure to read the MTHFR, GST/GPX, MAOA, and COMT chapters because if any or all of these genes are dirty, they contribute to slowing the COMT gene. Following the recipes in Dirty Genes to support COMT Slow is very effective. Supplements are simply a way to Spot Clean your Slow COMT.