Dirty Genes™ - MAOA Slow Support

Your MAOA Slow gene is known as ‘Mood Swings.’ The role of your MAOA gene is to help metabolize serotonin, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. If your MAOA Slow is balanced, you’re alert, in good moods, energetic, focused, and self-confident. If your MAOA Slow is too slow, you’re susceptible to difficulty falling asleep, headaches, irritability, symptoms from drinking wine or eating histamine foods, trouble relaxing, or prolonged anxiety.

To help speed up a MAOA Slow gene, you must focus on abdominal breathing, eating less protein if you are eating too much, and watching how much histamine-containing foods and drinks you are consuming.

Since the MAOA gene uses vitamin B2, known as riboflavin, to function, those with a MAOA Slow may benefit from taking Riboflavin. Lithium Orotate may also be useful as it helps modify how excessive amounts of serotonin bind to serotonin receptors. The combination of herbs found in Optimal Adrenal may also help calm a MAOA Slow gene.*

People with MAOA Slow tend to have fewer issues staying asleep but they do have issues falling asleep. Consider Phosphatidyl Serine, SAMe, Ashwagandha, Magnesium Plus, Riboflavin and/or Lithium Orotate to help the MAOA Slow gene speed up so it can clear the excessive neurotransmitters.*

Reading Dirty Genes and following the Soak and Scrub Method is the most thorough way to clean your MAOA Slow gene. A COMT Slow gene may also indirectly contribute to a MAOA Slow gene so focus on both of these chapters. Following the delicious recipes found in Dirty Genes to support MAOA Slow and COMT Slow is very effective. Supplements are simply a way to Spot Clean your MAOA Slow gene.