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Dirty Genes™ - NOS3 Support

Your NOS3 gene helps make nitric oxide, an important compound that helps promote vasodilation (relaxed blood vessels). NOS3 is essential for healthy blood pressure, blood clotting, and blood vessel formation. The proper transport of nutrients and oxygen through your body rely on the right amount of nitric oxide and a properly functioning NOS3 gene.

So what happens if you have a NOS3 mutation (SNP)? You can support healthy gene function with nutrients and supplementation. Arginine and glutathione are both essential nutrients for healthy NOS3 activity.

You need bioavailable forms of folate since folic acid depletes necessary compounds from your NOS3 gene. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is also an important nutrient for a healthy NOS3. Having a healthy way to manage stress is vital, too.

Explore supplements for NOS3 below. Consider Riboflavin, Folinic Acid, and Optimal Multivitamin as options for healthy NOS3 activity and methylation. Ashwagandha Extract and Adrenal Nutrients are also great ways to support a healthy stress response. Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C is a comprehensive antioxidant supplement.