Dirty Genes™ - PEMT Support

Your PEMT gene is known as the ‘Cell Membrane and Liver Problems’ gene. The role of your PEMT gene is to produce phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is a major component of your cell membranes and a major component of bile. If your PEMT gene is dirty, then you may experience histamine problems due to histamine leaking out of your cells, generalized pain due to inflammation pathways not being properly supported, gallbladder problems and intestinal bacteria imbalance because bile isn’t flowing, liver issues because triglycerides are getting stuck in the liver, pregnancy complications, breastfeeding issues like mastitis, and generalized muscle weakness.

To help support a dirty PEMT, one must focus on a healthy methylation cycle by having a clean MTHFR gene. Why? PEMT gene uses up about 70% of all methylation reactions and the MTHFR gene is a big player in supporting methylation. If one has a COMT Fast gene, then estrogen levels may be low and the PEMT gene needs sufficient estrogen in order to function. In terms of food, the PEMT gene needs choline which is found commonly in meat, eggs, and beets.

A great way to support a dirty PEMT gene while applying these lifestyle changes is to supplement with Optimal PC or Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C. These two supplements provide ample phosphatidylcholine which is what the PEMT gene makes when it is functioning well. Thus, taking them orally helps offset the deficiency caused by a dirty PEMT.* 

The gallbladder requires 10 parts of phosphatidylcholine to 1 part cholesterol in order for bile to flow. If there is insufficient phosphatidylcholine, bile gets sluggish and cholesterol stones could start to form. Support this healthy ratio by supplementing with Optimal PC and Gallbladder Nutrients.*

Reading Dirty Genes and following the Soak and Scrub Method is the most thorough way to clean your dirty PEMT gene. A dirty MTHFR gene is a sure way to dirty your PEMT gene so focus on these two chapters. Following the recipes found in Dirty Genes to support your PEMT and MTHFR genes is very effective. Supplements are simply a way to Spot Clean your PEMT gene.