Why SHEICON2016?

The complex patient is now the norm, and it is likely only going to get harder. Palliative and suppressive medicine in chronic disease does not address the underlying cause and can create new problems of its own. Dr. Ben Lynch and his team are working hard to understand the biochemistry and uniqueness of individuals. We ask ourselves, "why can some people have children who are active and healthy, while others can't? Why are there so many desperate people who can't find answers to their debilitating illnesses?" There is a gap between the published scientific research and the front lines of clinical medicine. SHEICON is bridging this gap by gathering the top minds in medicine and research to share solutions for medicine's toughest problems. There is a reason why we are all working so hard. Each of us is a spouse, parent, sibling, son, or daughter. When someone we know and love gets sick, it affects us too. It is never just one person suffering alone. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and research that will help prevent unnecessary suffering when others have given up.

What will you learn from SHEICON2016?

At SHEICON15, we learned to optimize the basics – diet, lifestyle, environment and the function of key pathways. (Get the SHEICON2015 recording here.) But how do you implement these strategies? At SHEICON16, Dr. Ben Lynch along with expert speakers will show you how to make the most of the Pathway Planner. You will also learn other targeted treatment approaches to optimize patient outcomes. Mold Exposure – Vaccine Safety – Heavy Metals – Metabolic Regulation – Preconception Care – GI Restoration – Optimizing Neurotransmission – Immune Dysregulation – Hormone Balance

What attendees had to say about SHEICON2015

“Ben Lynch has changed my practice. He’s taught me to connect the dots in ways I’ve never dreamed possible. I thought genetics was not ready for prime time. He has taught me to utilize genetics as a tool along with everything else in my tool box…I feel very fortunate to be around such amazing intelligent people of all levels. He has created an environment here where we are able to learn from each other and it’s truly collegial. We are very fortunate to be changing the face of health care through these opportunities he’s creating. Ben has a great heart and he wears his heart on his sleeve, his brain on his sleeve for the rest of us to benefit from.” – Pat Henry

“Wild horses wouldn’t keep me away from SHEICON2016. Brilliant speakers, inspiring colleagues from around the world. I’ve learned so much about the body’s biochemistry and how correcting small imbalances can have such a huge impact on health.” – Claire Montgomery

“This conference has taught me really how to think. This has taken a lot of the guesswork out of lab interpretation. I received every tool I needed to think in a methodical way so that my treatments could be more exact.” – Michael Bagley

“I want to thank Dr. Ben and Seeking Health for playing a pivotal role in my understanding of genetics and the biochemistry of the body. Thank you Dr. Ben for being a driving force in changing the face of medicine.” – Sarah Morgan

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences, but this has to be the best conference that I’ve attended. I recommend every doctor to attend SHEICON.” – Christine Salter

“If you are looking to broaden your practice, help more people, and find solutions to tough questions, this is a great place to be.” – Shelese Pratt

“The speakers have just been awesome. I just can’t wait to be at the next SHEICON in April. Plan on it. Come to the conference!” – Bernarda Zenker

“Dr. Lynch is a leader in this field and the information that the other lecturers have provided are enormously valuable to my practice. I would recommend anybody who is interested in methylation and mitochondrial dysfunction to consider SHEICON2016 and other information available from Dr. Lynch and his associates.” – Michael Citron

“I love coming to a place like this where I can meet a lot of like-minded people who are seeing complete change in their lives and that of their patients. We’re with the best of the best in the world at this conference and I’ve had a blast meeting some amazing people and I’m looking forward to more. You don’t see this type of camaraderie and collaboration in a lot of the other conferences I attend.” – Nasha Winters

“I gained so much information not only from the people on stage at the conference but also all the attendees. I’m super happy that I came out here to Colorado.” – Matt Lewis

“I love the methylation work with Dr. Ben. It helps me to understand the “why” behind the patient symptoms. It’s a great educational experience and I encourage all of you to come because it will help you transform the care you give to your patients.” – Julie Martin

“This conference has been absolutely amazing. I came here very passionate about nutrition and it definitely confirmed that nutrition is so foundational you have to be sure that nutrition has to be in the system so pathways can be pushed forward…I came away thinking that you have to look big picture and make sure that people are breathing properly, they’re hydrated, they’re taking time out of their lives to enjoy it and having joy, love, and peace, and living life stress free. It’s been an amazing conference and I feel honored to be here continuing to learn about the genetic piece and learning how you can work to benefit the next person.” – Allison Dunaway

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