Energy Supplements

Energy is something we all want, and in abundant amounts! The key to lasting energy is not pushing your body to make more, rather, it’s helping your energy production to be more efficient. There’s a reason why people become addicted to caffeine and sugary snacks for instant energy.

Sugars provide glucose which becomes NADH. Our mitochondria burn NADH to make ATP, which is energy on the cellular level. Energy supplements can support this process, leading to more drive throughout your day. One can support their NADH levels directly by supplementing with NADH + CoQ10 ideally first thing in the morning or during intense workouts.

An often overlooked yet essential requirement to long-term energy is to remain hydrated.  You can support your hydration by taking electrolytes such as Optimal Electrolyte. Another essential overlooked aspect of energy is maintaining good glutathione and antioxidant levels. If we are deficient in glutathione or antioxidants, our mitochondria cannot effectively convert food into energy. Have you ever wondered why someone who is overweight is always tired? This is because depleted antioxidant and detoxification systems (due to low glutathione) make it difficult for the body to produce energy from the food we eat. Optimal Liposomal Glutathione may help to support your body's glutathione and subsequently, energy levels.*