Gut Health Supplements

Gut health is about more than just taking probiotic supplements, although the good bacteria that they provide may be helpful. Your gut microbiota depend on healthy digestion and a digestive tract that functions as it should. Gut health also responds to your lifestyle. Getting enough sleep and exercise impacts your wellness, which affects your gut health. Leaky gut and other immune health issues can occur when your digestive health is compromised.


Dietary supplements that support good gut health and a balanced gut microbiome include prebiotics, digestive enzymes, l-glutamine, and good probiotic bacteria.


Good gut health supports normal intestinal function, gut flora, good immune system function, and a healthy GI tract.


Explore Seeking Health’s gut health supplements below. Get started with Optimal GI, a supplement designed with supportive herbs and nutrients for gut health. ProBiota HistaminX provides bifidobacteria, while the probiotic strains in ProBiota 12 support a diverse, healthy gut environment. The best supplements for your gut lining may not even be daily probiotics, but could include digestive support like Digestion Intensive, which supports digestive system function.