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Metabolism Supplements

Metabolism is defined as ‘the organic and chemical processes inside of organisms that are necessary to maintain life.’ It’s also defined as ‘how quickly you burn calories or fat.’ Just because you’re eating, doesn’t mean that you’re getting energy from foods. Food must be effectively digested and metabolized before it can be transformed into actual energy. Metabolism is basically how your body is able to turn food into energy. A deficiency of B vitamins makes it difficult to convert carbohydrates or amino acids into fuel. If one has insufficient methylation or low levels of L-carnitine, they will be limited in their ability to transport and burn fat for fuel. Signs of poor metabolism are being cold all the time and gaining weight too easily. Another symptom of ineffective metabolism is experiencing blood sugar crashes and a frequent need to eat carbohydrates or snacks. Supporting healthy Metabolism is also impacted by inflammation and free-radicals. The more inflamed one is, the less they are able to metabolize fat into energy. Free-radicals reduce our ability to convert fuel into energy and need to be kept in check. Liposomal glutathione and PQQ may help to support the breakdown of free-radicals.*