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Molybdenum Supplements

Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral. Molybdenum supports enzymes that increase sulfur metabolism. It also supports dental health, kidney waste removal, iron transport, and liver detoxification processes. It helps the body reduce sulfite, which can help address symptoms of sulfite sensitivity.

If you do not have enough molybdenum or you experience sulfite intolerance, you might experience headaches, sinus problems, skin issues, and more.

You can support healthy molybdenum levels with both whole foods and dietary supplements.

Explore Seeking Health’s molybdenum supplements. SulfiteX Drops contain 25 mcg of molybdenum glycinate chelate in a liquid formulation.SulfiteX Drops can support healthy levels of sulfites. Molybdenum provides 500 mg of molybdenum in a vegetarian capsule.