Molybdenum Supplements

Molybdenum is an important mineral that helps process sulfites and sulfides via the SUOX enzyme. While molybdenum is supposed to be abundant in foods, many people appear to have deficiencies, as they experience significant benefits with supplementation. This is likely due to the sheer number of sulfites and sulfides present in both foods and the internal environment. Sulfites are found in wine, processed foods, seafood and dried fruits. If you react to any of these, molybdenum may be helpful for you. Sulfides are made by hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria in the digestive tract and this gas can significantly deplete molybdenum levels. Loose, sulfury foul-smelling stools are a sign that one may have higher levels of hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria. Sulfites are also produced when we consume high sulfur-containing foods or drinks like cruciferous vegetables and proteins. Sulfur-based supplements like MSM, NAC  and glutathione may worsen symptoms in someone with a molybdenum deficiency who may benefit from supplementation. We offer molybdenum in vegetarian capsules and in a liquid form for easier dose customization. Our top-rated and most popular molybdenum supplement is the Optimal Molybdenum Drops.*