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Pregnancy Vitamins & Supplements

Pregnancy is a nutritionally demanding time of life. While nothing replaces a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are many dietary supplements that can support pregnancy health.


Whether it is your first baby or beyond, you want the best prenatal vitamins. That means bioavailable folate, not folic acid. Plus the other important nutrients that support your baby’s brain development and a healthy pregnancy. Key nutrients for pregnancy include choline, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, magnesium, and B vitamins like vitamin B12 and vitamin B6.


Seeking Health has several supplements that support pregnant women. Essential nutrients include electrolytes because hydration becomes even more important as blood volume rapidly increases during pregnancy. ProBiota HistaminX is a probiotic that can support healthy histamine production.


All of our prenatal supplements are gluten-free and free from GMO markers. Whether you want the easy-to-take Optimal Prenatal Powder or you are looking for something simpler with Prenatal Essentials capsules, we have prenatal multivitamins and supplements thoughtfully designed for all your needs. Use this helpful Prenatal Comparison Chart to identify the perfect high-quality prenatal supplement for you. Always follow your OB-GYN’s or health care provider’s guidance.