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Minerals are found in nature and, ideally, in the foods that we eat. While your body needs only a small amount of minerals, not having enough can lead to many health issues. Your immune system, bone health, blood cells, blood pressure, and more rely on essential minerals.

Whole foods contain minerals. But the soil continues to be depleted. This limits what you can get from food sources. Digestive problems and poor nutrient combinations can make it hard to get what you need.

Seeking Health’s mineral dietary supplements are formulated in bioavailable ways. We use chelated forms, which pair minerals with amino acids for better absorption. We also pair nutrients for optimal absorption. This is one reason why our prenatal vitamins do not contain iron as it competes with calcium for absorption.

Support healthy mineral intake with Seeking Health’s mineral supplements.

Seeking Health supplements are gluten-free and non-GMO.

Get started with Trace Minerals Complex and Trace Minerals Complex II.

Check out this helpful comparison chart to learn which mineral complex formula is right for you.

Standalone mineral supplements could be more what you are looking for as this makes the serving sizes much more customizable.Products like Optimal Magnesium, Iron Chewable, or Optimal Electrolyte which contains both magnesium and potassium are customer favorites.