StrateGene Guide

StrateGene Strategic Genetic Analysis

After Purchase Steps

A guide to downloading and uploading your data into the StrateGene system to get your report: what you need to get started and how to get your results.

Genetic Testing

Expand your genetic test provider below for instructions.

Ancestry (V2 ONLY)

StrateGene only works with AncestryDNA tests purchased AFTER MAY 2016 (Version 2 only). Not compatible with earlier test data.


If you have not yet purchased your Ancestry test, click here to learn more about how it works and buy your test.


Once your Ancestry results are in, click here to sign in and download your data as a raw file. From your account page, click DNA>Your DNA Results Summary. Click Settings and then Download Raw DNA Data.


Your raw data will be emailed to you from AncestryDNA. Follow the instructions in the email to download your data and save the file to your computer.

The file name must look like this: "AncestryDNA.txt" StrateGene can use the .txt file format only. Click here for more detailed directions.



If you have not yet purchased your 23andMe test, click here to learn more about how it works and buy your test.


Once your 23andMe results are in, click here to sign in and download your data as a raw file. From your account page, click Tools>Browse Raw Data>Download. Follow the instructions on the page.


Save the file to your computer. It may take a while to download depending on your connection speed. Make sure you can locate the download location and the file.

The file name must look like this: "genome_Your_Name_v5_Full_2013073110.txt" or like this: "". StrateGene can use either file format (.txt or .zip only).


Upload Data

Getting to know you.

Click here to upload the genetic raw data you saved to your computer in Step 1.


Type in the email address associated with the Seeking Health account you used when you purchased StrateGene and choose a "code name." This anonymous identifier will be used to match you to your results, to protect your identity. The code name you choose is up to you, but remember it will be displayed on your StrateGene report.


Click to Verify your email address and read through the important information shown on the upload page. Once you reach the bottom, agree to the Terms of Service and click to Upload your raw data file.

WAIT while the upload is processing. You should see a status bar while this process completes.


Download Report

Learn about your genetics.

Once StrateGene has finished analyzing your data, a blue Download button will appear on the page. It may take about 10 minutes to generate your report.


Save your StrateGene report to your computer (not just your downloads folder!) right away to ensure that you will have access to your report later on. We will not be able to reissue your report after 30 days.


Use the following resources to help you read your Strategene report: How to Use StrateGene, Private StrateGene Facebook Group, Confused By Your Genetic Report?, How to Treat SNPs, What is Methylation?.

For a list of health professionals who have received training from Dr Lynch in methylation, genetic polymorphisms and epigenetics, contact us at

Your Privacy

The security and privacy of your genetic data is of the utmost importance to Seeking Health. After you upload your raw data via an encrypted web session, it is immediately stripped of personally identifiable information. The anonymous "code name" you choose is used instead of your personal information to connect you with your StrateGene report.

During processing, the SNP data needed for the StrateGene analysis is extracted, and the 23andme file is deleted completely. The extracted SNP data is not stored with any personally identifiable information, but may be retained for statistical analysis.

As an added layer of protection, your finished StrateGene report is only accessible for a short time before the file is deleted. That is why it is so important for you to download and save your file to a secure location on your own computer right away once it is ready.

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