Lab Testing is no longer available from Seeking Health.

To fully focus on our mission of providing education and products that can help optimize lives, we have found it necessary to discontinue offering lab test kits.

However, test kits can still be ordered directly from:

SpectraCell Laboratories
Phone: (800) 227-5227

Doctor’s Data
Phone: (630) 377-8139

Molecular Testing Labs
Phone: (360) 693-8850

Health Diagnostics and Research Institute
(European Laboratory of Nutrients)
Phone: (732) 721-1234

You can also order from many of our qualified practitioners on the Physician Directory at Seeking Health Educational Institute. Finding a doctor who can interpret these lab tests used to require an exhaustive search, but now it's just a click away, thanks to Dr. Lynch's resource of health professionals with training in the areas of MTHFR, methylation and nutrigenomics – and we are continuing to increase the number of doctors who know about these tests through conferences and education!