Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1

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Would you like to have improved clinical results and decreased medical expenses for your patients, as well as increased patient referrals? Genetic testing unveils your patient’s unique biochemistry allowing you to optimize treatment. The problem is: are you and other health professionals approaching it properly? Do you know where to start? Does your patient routinely know more than you in this area?

Hear what those attending the conference had to say about the quality of information presented - and clinical usefulness:

Dr. Ben Lynch originally presented this conference at Bastyr University in October 2013. The video recording and PowerPoint presentation were combined to create this distance learning course. Whether you work in primary care, oncology, environmental medicine, mental health, autism or midwifery, to name a few, this information will greatly enhance your practice and your own personal health. It focuses on methylation along with the various genetic mutations found along various critical pathways – and how they affect one’s health. The course will cover the following topics:

  • the clinical significance of nutrigenomics, introducing methylation and the importance of healthy diet, lifestyle and environment
  • the pathways of folate metabolism, B12, transmethylation, transsulfuration, SAMe, mitochondrial function, detoxification pathways and cell membrane functions
  • common genetic polymorphisms along with their effects and interactions with diet, xenobiotics, nutrients and medications
  • genetic testing, how to take a clinical nutrigenomic history, signs and symptoms and lab testing
  • how to begin optimizing various genetic polymorphisms with diet, lifestyle, environmental changes, detoxification, medications and targeted supplementation
  • identification of problems with research, ‘natural deselection theory’ and empowering your patients with clinical nutrigenomics
  • talking with the patient to determine the pros and cons of knowing one’s own genetic propensity for disease
              Upon completion of this distance learning course, you will be able to:
              • discuss the various biochemical pathways affecting folate, B12, SAMe, methylation, detoxification, mitochondria and cell membranes
              • list various common genetic polymorphisms and how they interact with each other
              • explain how to order and interpret various laboratory tests relating to this topic
              • explain the effects of diet, environment and supplementation on the various biochemical pathways
              • establish an individualized treatment program based on history, physical exam, lab testing and genetic polymorphisms

                      Presenter: Benjamin Lynch, ND Dr. Ben Lynch received his bachelor's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington and his ND from Bastyr University. His passion for identifying the cause of disease directed him towards nutrigenomics and methylation dysfunction. He currently researches, writes and presents worldwide on the topic of dirty genes. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, Nadia, and three boys, Tasman, Mathew and Theodor. Dr. Ben Lynch is also the President & CEO of, a company oriented towards disease prevention and health promotion.

                      Delivery Method: This eLearning course is made possible through a collaboration between Bastyr University and Seeking Health Educational Institute (SHEI), now operating as The original presentation was video/audio recorded, and the presentation slides have been embedded into the video. The original 12-hour presentation is divided into 21 “chapters” based on major topics. Each can be accessed individually as often as you wish, and at your convenience. You can watch/listen to the presentation and follow the slides simultaneously.

                                Warning/Disclaimer: This material is published for the purpose of information and education. The information presented herein is in no way intended as a substitute for proper medical treatment and/or medical counseling. Bastyr University and the presenter of this material are not liable for the misconception or misuse of the information provided. It is not meant to diagnose and/or treat illness, disease, or other medical problems and should not be substituted for professional medical treatment or replace the services of a physician. Reproduction Rights: The educational content of the audio/video materials as well as the presentation slides are the intellectual property of Dr. Ben Lynch, and can not be reproduced without his written permission. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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