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Seeking Health
Optimizing Lives
Grant Program

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Can we help you change lives?

Seeking Health's Optimizing Lives Grant Program is here for you and your Non-Profit Organization.  Seeking Health donates 7% of profits toward our Social Responsibility objectives. To date over $1.5 million has been donated to over 100 organizations both locally and worldwide. There are six areas of focus:

  • Arts
  • Wellness
  • Basic Needs
  • Education
  • Research
  • Environmental

How to apply for a grant

Drop element here

At Your Service: Full-Time Support



Optimizing Lives
Program Coordinator


Jamy is a 32-hour per week Seeking Health teammate who spends 20
hours per week out in the community supporting local non-profits and
12 hours per week handling administrative tasks.

"To me, the optimizing lives is all about connection. Connecting
people to people, people to problems, and being a solution by lending
a hand! It may be as small as handing over a cup of soup to a hungry
man, or it could be as mighty as hanging drywall in a new Habitat from
Humanity home, but it is all about the time spent connecting to the
community. My heart bursts with joy every time we change a life
through volunteering."

You are Changing the World
Thank You