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What's New? Dirty Genes -- The Histamine Workbook by Dr. Ben Lynch
What's New? Dirty Genes -- The Histamine Workbook by Dr. Ben Lynch


Core Values

Core Values

How we work at Seeking Health sets us apart. We encourage creativity and innovation, and we invest in each other's success. We pride ourselves in having an outstanding company culture. For the values and practices we share as a team and for the attitudes we bring to work every day – always thinking and acting with the customer in mind.

Our values underlie our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission.

Create Customers for Life

First, we listen to our customers. Then, we make decisions which amplify our customer’s success.

Take Purposeful Action

A diversity of opinion is balanced with the need to make and implement decisions. Believe in yourself to make a timely decision that supports the overall mission of the company.

Embrace Change

There is no innovation if you operate out of fear of the new or untested. If you do not choose the adventurous path, then you are not really living.

Collaborative Effort

Together, we minimize our individual weaknesses and amplify each other’s strengths. Create the best solutions to complex problems by reaching out to your teammates.

Never Settle

We take every opportunity to optimize. It’s a mindset. Do what you need to do to make things better. Then make those things great.

Be You

Always be authentic. With practice, it becomes easier and more rewarding, knowing that you are being true to yourself – and to others.


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"I bought the Niacin in the 50mg capsule form for several reasons. I always learn so much from Seeking Health's site and appreciate the articles and helpful directions to listen to from Dr. Ben. I also have to add that I do not worry about ordering from Seeking Health as their customer service is top notch with wanting one to be happy with their order."

J, Seeking Health Customer

Seeking Health's Optimizing Lives Program donates 7% of profits toward our Social Responsibility objectives. Your commitment to your health has raised over $1,050,000 so far.

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