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Giving amplifies the good in the world. Ben Lynch, ND President


You Just Changed a Life

Seeking Health's Optimizing Lives Program donates 7% of profits toward our Social Responsibility objectives. Your commitment to your health has raised over $1.5 million in donations contributed to one of the six areas of focus:



Theater, Music, Visual Arts



Athletics, School program, Recreation, Community building



Litter cleanup, Trail maintenance, Animal rescue, Ocean restoration


Basic Needs

Food donation, Healthcare, Housing



Funding important studies to optimize health



Scholarships, Literacy, Life-long learning

Volunteer Efforts & Donations

  • Team Member: Jonny

    Date: July 2022

    Organization: RE Sources

    Collected 30 pounds of trash and recycling from the shores of Whatcom Creek behind the Habitat for Humanity store.

  • Team Member: Carol

    Date: June 2022

    Organization: Explorations Academy

    Cutting and repairing drywall after the basement flooded in this non-profit school.

  • Team Member: Jamy

    Date: April 2022

    Organization: Surfrider Foundation – Northwest Straits Chapter

    Beach cleanups, water testing with the Blue Water Task Force program, website editing, social media curation, board member attending monthly meetings.

  • Team Member: Brittany

    Date: May 2022

    Organization: YMCA – Girls on the Run Coach

    Volunteer coaching of young ladies to grow skills for life and to complete a 5k!

  • Team Member: Heather, Evelyn, Chauntae, Lindsey, Jamy

    Date: July 2022

    Organization: Downtown Bellingham Partnership

    Help to setup the Downtown Sound events in Bellingham.

  • Team Member: Jamy

    Date: August 2022

    Organization: Bellingham Foodbank

    Gleaning excess food from local farms for the same day foodbank distribution!

  • Team Member: Kaisa

    Date: February 2023

    Organization: Surfrider Foundation Northwest Straits Chapter

    Valentine’s Day Love Your Beach Cleanup Garbage and recycling collected totaled 72 lbs, including a large entanglement of nets, line, and a bicycle tire!

  • Team Member: Jamy

    Date: Thursday Evenings

    Organization: Ferndale Community Resources

    An attendant at The Other Bank – a personal hygiene bank for those in need. Jamy is lucky to practice her second language skills while helping out.

  • Team Member: Molly

    Date: January 2023

    Organization: Surfrider Foundation - Northwest Straits Chapter

    Water Sampling with the Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) at Locust beach and then lab testing at the Bellingham Water Treatment facility.

  • Team Member: Andrew

    Date: November 2022

    Organization: Whatcom Mountain Biking Association (WMBC)

    Repairing a sloping spot on the trail by building a berm on Tough Love, up on Galbraith Mountain.

Looking for Local Support?

6,611.53 Volunteer Hours &  Counting...

6,611.53 Volunteer Hours &  Counting...

Are you a local non-profit located in Bellingham, Washington looking for some labor love or financial support? Apply for the Seeking Health Grant Program and ask for volunteer, products or financial assistance. We are constantly looking for new partners in making this world a better place.

Optimizing Lives Grant Program Application

At Your Service: Full-Time Support


Optimizing Lives Program Coordinator

Email Me

Jamy is a 32-hour per week Seeking Health teammate who spends 20 hours per week out in the community supporting local non-profits and 12 hours per week handling administrative tasks.

"To me, the optimizing lives is all about connection. Connecting people to people, people to problems, and being a solution by lending a hand! It may be as small as handing over a cup of soup to a hungry man, or it could be as mighty as hanging drywall in a new Habitat from Humanity home, but it is all about the time spent connecting to the community. My heart bursts with joy every time we change a life through volunteering."

Our Partners in Giving

You are Changing the World
Thank You

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