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Johanna Falk

Certified functional medicine therapist, HMG Group, Stockholm
Certified nutritional therapist according to NMTF
Basic medical education, Biomedical Center, Uppsala
Behavioral Sciences, Stockholm University
Author and lecturer

Do you want to receive a personally adapted, scientifically based examination and treatment to build your health? 
It is possible to build natural health by giving your body exactly what it needs. The body has the answers, just like the soul. It is important to ask the smart and precise questions.
 Functional medicine asks why the body and mind are not doing well. Healing using functional medicine methods goes deep and examines the causes of ill health and allows the body to show the natural path to healing. You will get a plan created for you based on scientific research. You will get help with diet for you, nutrition, hormones, mind and much more.
 I specialize in the connection of physical and mental symptoms and have extensive experience in the treatment of gastro-intestinal problems, hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of mental acuity, sleep problems, recurring infections, personal nutritional needs, skin and hair, pain in the body and joints, as well as fatigue, depression and lack of self-esteem.
 I have written books, given talks, trained therapists and clients for 30 years and have extensive experience in giving body and soul personal conditions to heal completely naturally.
 You are most welcome to my clinic or an online consultation, and we will create your best feeling together.I am fluent in English.
 Live life with health as your best friend.


  • Gastro-intestinal
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Personalized  Nutrition
  • Mental Balance
  • Mitochondrial Energy