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Optimal Electrolyte: What’s New and Why Changed?

Optimal Electrolyte: What’s New and Why Changed?

The original Optimal Electrolyte was formulated over a decade ago. Since then, there have been a number of improvements to the formulation for various reasons:

The first improvements were done a few years ago:

  1. Replaced citric acid with malic acid because citric acid is derived from mold.
  2. Replaced stevia with monk fruit because stevia is a known diuretic.
  3. Replaced niacin as nicotinic acid with a non-flushing form of niacin because people were getting niacin flushes.

These were simple changes to make and important ones which benefited everyone.

With changes, some things do occur which aren’t ideal.

  1. Replacing citric acid with malic acid led to significantly more foaming when adding water. This led to volcanoes and mess.
  2. Replacing stevia with monk fruit was not appreciated by some people as the taste definitely changed.
  3. Replacing niacin with non-flushing niacin was appreciated by all so that was an absolute win.

Despite these improvements, there was a subgroup of people stating that Optimal Electrolyte gave them headaches.

After researching why this may happen, I discovered that D-Ribose may contribute to reduced blood sugar in people - especially those with metabolic disorder or diabetes. 

Not only did D-Ribose cause headaches in some people, it contributed to the formulation clumping in humid environments. This caused stability issues which we worked hard to address but nothing worked. 

I had to replace D-Ribose with a new ingredient but I couldn’t do it right away as there was no replacement.

D-Ribose was an essential ingredient in Optimal Electrolyte. It provided the backbone, along with Niacin, to support ATP synthesis. ATP, your body’s energy, is needed to support healthy hydration.* 

Over 40% of your body’s ATP is used to pump the electrolytes of potassium and magnesium inside your cells. Energy is needed to do this because your body is pushing potassium and magnesium against an already heavy concentration gradient. This means that potassium and magnesium cannot and will not flow naturally inside your cells without energy. Thus, D-Ribose was added to Optimal Electrolyte to facilitate the healthy movement of potassium and magnesium into your cells.* 

Pumping potassium and magnesium into your cells is incredibly important. 


Over 70% of your body’s water is stored inside your cells. 

The more potassium and more magnesium you have inside your cells means the more water follows inside to keep a specific pH and electrolyte balance. 

Drinking electrolytes that contain potassium and magnesium does absolutely nothing for you unless those electrolytes get inside your cells.

This is why the D-Ribose was added to Optimal Electrolyte and why Optimal Electrolyte worked so well - for many people.

I finally discovered a replacement for the D-Ribose.

Remember, the primary reason why D-Ribose was added to Optimal Electrolyte is because D-Ribose supports the healthy production of ATP. Well, it is now possible to obtain ATP as a nutraceutical.*

When I learned that PeakATP was available, I used it instead of D-Ribose. Having ATP readily available is absolutely incredible. 

At this time, I also learned about a new ingredient called HydroPrime. HydroPrime is a glycerol-based ingredient that supports healthy hydration. It works by slowing the kidneys from eliminating water too fast. Athletes use HydroPrime when exercising in very hot environments as it supports healthy temperature regulation and healthy water maintenance.* 

Formulating is not easy.

You want to produce the best results possible for the person consuming your supplement. However, there are many other factors that are in play.



Mouth feel.


HydroPrime, while it definitely does appear to be superior to creatine for many reasons, especially in regards to hydration, it has issues.

It really attracts water which negatively affects stability. It also sticks to the other ingredients which contributes to taste, mouth feel and dissolution issues. 

I had to try it regardless as the research was too good.

So I did.

When making the new Optimal Electrolyte with the new PeakATP and HydroPrime, I was so excited. I felt so amazing from it. I tested it personally for months without any issue.

Then, we sent it to get produced in bulk. 

That’s when we discovered stability issues. The HydroPrime stuck to everything making the product clump a bit. The good news is the clumps broke up super easily; however, it still clumped. 

This is why we were out of stock for so long on the electrolytes. We worked hard, and as fast as possible, to resolve this issue. In the manufacturing world, nothing is fast as paper trails and quality control steps must be adhered to. Despite wanting to cut corners and push it through the processes, we don’t do that at Seeking Health. 

After some thinking, we theorized that the clumping was caused by the effervescent ingredients used. The effervescent ingredients give the electrolyte a nice gentle fizz which makes it refreshing to drink. 

I had a decision to make. I either had to pull a great ingredient and put the creatine back, or pull the effervescent ingredients so I can use the superior ingredient. 

I pulled the effervescent ingredient so I could use the HydroPrime.

Here we are.

We have an electrolyte that is, without a doubt, the most superior electrolyte available. No other electrolyte combines the ingredients we do. 

Yet, we also have an electrolyte that is without effervescence, still likes to clump together at times and people are saying it’s too sweet.

HydroPrime is a glycerol-based ingredient. Glycerol is sweet. And it has a ‘thick’ feel to it - almost syrupy. This can be mitigated by adding more water. Use say 10-12 oz of filtered water versus 8 oz of water.

The Optimal Electrolyte formulation that you are drinking right now is awesome at supporting healthy hydration.*

Yes, it lacks the effervescence and yes it’s a bit sweet, but it certainly is well-formulated for targeting hydration.* And isn’t hydration what you’re primarily looking for in an electrolyte? It’s my primary focus.

I hear you though and I agree. I, too, miss the effervescence and the more tart vs sweet Optimal Electrolyte.

That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the benefits of my latest formulation. In fact, two feet to my right, is a glass of Optimal Electrolyte Orange mixed in 12 oz of filtered water. I have a serving or two of Optimal Electrolyte every day. 

That said, I have to remedy the clumping. Funny thing is I already thought I did by pulling the effervescent potassium bicarbonate. But nope. That HydroPrime loves water so it just grabs it from the atmosphere and makes things clump.

So here we are. I’ve decided to improve the formulation - again. 

I have pulled the HydroPrime, put back the creatine monohydrate and put back the effervescent ingredient of potassium bicarbonate.

I’ve kept the improved ingredients of PeakATP and the real Himalayan salt.

Now, we have a superior Optimal Electrolyte that tastes great, has effervescence, more stable than all the other electrolyte formulations to date, and should be well-received by more people than ever.

This morning, I talked with our manufacturer and we are preparing all the documentation to get these new formulations going.

Last night, I personally tested, and drank, the latest formulation. It rocks! Well, I shouldn’t use that term as rocks are like clumps. It tastes fantastic, more tart, sweetness is reduced, mouth feel is great, fizzes really well without acting like a volcano and I felt great after drinking it.*

I also had Theo and his buddies taste the new samples. They loved them. Lemonade was their favorite followed by the Berry and Orange was last place.

I suspect sometime this April or May, you will experience my latest formulation of Optimal Electrolyte.

Until then, enjoy the current Optimal Electrolyte. You are drinking it to hydrate. That’s the primary reason. The secondary reason is to really enjoy it. 

Here are some FAQ’s about the Optimal Electrolyte:

I miss the fizz of the old Optimal Electrolyte.

  • Use the Optimal Electrolyte Unflavored. This still has effervescence. There is no HydroPrime in here and there is still potassium bicarbonate. This has a nice slightly salty and refreshing taste.

Why is there no carbonation?

  • The flavored electrolytes do not have carbonation because they have HydroPrime. HydroPrime plus effervescent ingredients did not work well together.
  • The unflavored version of Optimal Electrolyte still has carbonation. This is because we use creatine monohydrate in this and no HydroPrime.

Why are there clumps in the Optimal Electrolyte?

  • This is due to the HydroPrime. This ingredient really attracts water so that means it makes things clump together. The good news is the clumps are very easy to break apart. We don’t see the volcanoes or stickiness like we used to with the prior formulation.

When is the best time to drink Optimal Electrolyte?

  • Mix a glass right when you wake up. You haven’t had anything to drink for at least 6-8 hours. Not only will it support healthy hydration, but you’ll also get support for healthy energy at the same time. Dust off those night cobwebs in your head with a glass.*

Why did you remove the effervescence from Optimal Electrolyte?

  • The HydroPrime ingredient reacted too strongly with the bicarbonate so we had to remove one or the other. We decided to try to use HydroPrime so we removed the effervescence to do so.

Optimal Electrolytes are safe for people who are or have:

  • Kids
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnant
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Metabolic dysfunction

Talk with your doctor if you have chronic kidney disease as Optimal Electrolyte has 500 mg of potassium bicarbonate per serving.

Can you take Optimal Electrolyte more than one serving per day?

  • Yes. Consider having 1 serving upon waking up in the morning. It makes for a great start to your day. Then, when you are exercising, working at your desk, in a sauna, sweating a lot, working outside or otherwise thirsty, sip another serving as needed.
  • If you start experiencing loose stools, you are either drinking it too fast or too often. Sip it over time and allow more time between servings.

If I am sweating a lot, will the Optimal Electrolyte be enough?

  • If sweating a lot, more salt is lost through sweat. Add a pinch or two of additional salt to your glass of water.

Why do you only have 150 mg of sodium per 1 serving of Optimal Electrolyte?

  • Most people have sufficient sodium in their diet. They are way more likely to be potassium deficient than sodium deficient.
  • It is also way easier to add more salt to your electrolyte if needed. Potassium is much harder to find.

I see some clumps in my container. Why is that?

  • The HydroPrime loves to attract other ingredients to itself. It’s a glycerol-based supplement which makes it a bit of a sticky ingredient.
  • It’s totally fine if you see some clumps. They are easy to break apart. Simply pick up a clump and drop it into your glass of water. Then stir. It should dissolve quite fast and mix well.
  • Keep your Optimal Electrolyte container tightly closed and out of hot or humid areas. A refrigerator is a great place to store once you’ve opened it.
  • Have dry hands when putting your fingers in the container. Introducing more water into the powder will make clumping occur.

Why did you use HydroPrime over Creatine?

  • The research on HydroPrime is impressive for hydration. It’s known to:*
  • protect against the negative effects of training in the heat
  • support hydration
  • may support endurance performance, time to fatigue and recovery
  • enhance cellular volume

Creatine supports some of these areas but not as many as HydroPrime appears to:*

  • Enhances cellular volume especially in the muscles
  • May support endurance performance, time to fatigue and recovery Supports hydration

Why does the taste seem more sweet than prior formulations?

  • The HydroPrime is a glycerol-based ingredient. Glycerol has a sweet taste to it.
  • If you want your electrolyte to be less sweet, simply add more filtered water. Go from using 8 oz of filtered water to as much as you like.

Are Optimal Electrolytes considered a pre-workout?

  • You can definitely use it as a pre-workout and during and after your workout. The added ATP, magnesium, potassium, taurine, HydroPrime and trace minerals will support your workout.
  • I recommend using Pre-Workout Nutrients prior to your workout. Then, use Optimal Electrolyte during your workout and after.*
  • If sweating a lot during your workout, add a pinch or two of additional sodium to your electrolyte.

I heard that Himalayan salt is high in lead.

  • That may be true for some salt from other suppliers. We have testing records on our ingredients verifying very safe levels of heavy metals. We also third party test our finished batches once again checking for heavy metals.
  • Know your suppliers and know how your supplement company is performing their quality control. At Seeking Health, we take it very seriously.
  • We are a certified GMP facility, receive great scores from the inspectors and maintain meticulous records.

Any tricks to make the Optimal Electrolyte taste better?

  • My wife, Nadia, enjoys mixing ½ cup of San Pelligrino bottled carbonated water with her Optimal Electrolyte Orange flavor. She also adds some ice and fills the rest of her glass up with filtered water. This brings in a very refreshing drink to your lips and mouth!
  • You can also mix ½ scoop of Optimal Electrolyte Unflavored with ½ scoop of your favorite flavor of Optimal Electrolyte. Then add some ice and as much or as little water as you like. How much water you add determines the sweetness level. More water = less sweet. Less water = more sweet.

I didn’t like my Optimal Electrolyte and want to return it. What should I do?

  • We honor a 60 day money back guarantee. Simply let us know and we will refund you.



*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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