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Struggling with Histamine?

For 20 tough years, Dr. Lynch struggled from all sorts of high histamine symptoms:

• tinnitus
• motion sickness
• nosebleeds
• eczema
• chest tightness
• difficulty falling asleep

He resolved all of them.

Dr. Lynch reveals how he did it - for Free.

What People are Saying 

Titled Just Right

It was helpful, especially the aspect before one "gene tests" to take the survey in it & see if our genes are messed up form other factors & that's the key issue.
⁓ Laura M.


I'm so very glad that Dr. Lynch took the time to put this workbook together to help us identify issues with our histamine balance and strategies to attain healing.
⁓ Cyndi C.

Dirty Genes Workbook

It sure is a "KISS"... "Keep It Simple". Easy to understand. Thank you Dr. Ben Lynch for listening and giving us a tool of understanding our own genes. The book is very helpful and informative. I just love it💓😊
⁓ Norma F.

Peek Inside Your Workbook

"Health is not written in stone. You can change your genes and your health!"

 ~ Dr. Ben Lynch