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Histamine Bundle

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What's Included:

ProBiota HistaminX, HistaminX, Histamine Digest, Histamine Nutrients, a FREE copy of Dirty Genes: The Histamine Workbook

Together, these gluten-free supplements work to support:

  • Microbiome balance and a healthy gut response to ingested histamine.
  • A healthy seasonal histamine response outdoors and indoors.
  • Healthy histamine levels in the small intestines, colon, uterus, bladder, prostate, and breast milk.
  • Healthy lungs, nose, and airway.
  • A healthy immune system and skin.

Learn how to optimize your histamine levels and your life! We’ve included Dirty Genes: The Histamine Workbook as an added bonus. With resources tailored to your symptoms and triggers, you become an active participant, not just a passive reader. Harness the power of self-awareness with this workbook on recognizing and managing specific histamine symptoms. You understand your body better than anyone else!

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Why These Products Work

ProBiota HistaminX

Due to a genetic variation, you may have slower DAO enzymes. The probiotic strains found in ProBiota HistaminX help to lessen your DAO (diamine oxidase) enzyme’s workload by excluding species known to produce histamine. This unique probiotic also supports a healthy response to histamine from food and a normal inflammatory response in the gut. By lessening your DAO enzyme’s workload, you can support the efficiency of your histamine pathway.†


The human body stores histamine in immune cells called mast cells and basophils. In the presence of certain plant compounds, mast cells are less likely to release their histamine.† HistaminX contains complementary plant compounds that support healthy mast cell function and normal histamine storage and release.† It features the plant flavonoids luteolin, quercetin, and rutin. These antioxidant-like compounds may help modulate the body's histamine response by supporting mast cells and healthy histamine levels.†

Histamine Digest

Histamine Digest provides the patented, lab-tested, and pure DAO enzyme called DAOgest®. When you take a Histamine Digest capsule, it breaks open and releases the DAO enzyme's contents in your small intestine. The released DAO enzyme immediately starts digesting histamine for you so your body doesn't have to.† Histamine Digest works on digesting histamine from food and drink, your gut's immune system, and your microbiome.

Histamine Nutrients

If you lack even one nutrient, your histamine levels will be problematic. Histamine Nutrients is the first, and likely only, supplement that supports all five enzymes that break apart histamine and eliminate it from your body: HMNT, MAOA and MAOB, ALDH, and DAO.† It also contains alpha keto-glutarate, thiamine, and PQQ to further support histamine breakdown.†

How To Use These Products

ProBiota HistaminX

As needed, take one capsule after dinner. The capsule may be opened, and its contents emptied into a bite of food or drink. 


As needed, take 2 capsules without food any time of day or night. 

Histamine Digest

Take one capsule before eating or drinking anytime as needed. Alternatively, take one capsule away from food or drink as needed to support uterine comfort during the menstrual cycle, occasional nausea from pregnancy, or healthy histamine levels in your digestive system.† Capsules may be opened and sprinkled on a bite of food.

Do not take Histamine Digest and knowingly eat foods you are allergic to—it will not prevent allergic reactions.

Histamine Nutrients

As needed, take 1-2 capsules with food. Use during the day to support healthy histamine breakdown. Use during the evening to support a healthy onset of sleep.† 

Consult with your healthcare professional prior to using any of these supplements. Do not use if the inner tamper seal is damaged.

Product Supplement Fact Panels

ProBiota HistaminX Supplement Facts

Seeking Health | ProBiota HistaminX | Histamine Intolerance | Capsule

HistaminX Supplement Facts 

Seeking Health | HistaminX | Histamine Intolerance | Capsule

Histamine Digest Supplement Facts

Seeking Health | Histamine Digest | Histamine Intolerance | Capsule

Histamine Nutrients Supplement Facts 

Seeking Health | Histamine Nutrients | Histamine Intolerance | Capsule

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    Histamine Bundle Support!

    I bought the histamine bundle per Dr. Lynch’s recommendation when I asked a question on the website and what a difference! My skin sensitivities are so supported and I feel so good. I greatly appreciate the help and support from Dr. Lynch and the great products. The Histamine workbook is also out of this world. It’s easy to read and understand. Highly recommend it!

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