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Key Benefits and Actions*

  • May help support healthy intestinal mucosa
  • May help support immune health
  • May help support normal waste removal
  • May help support a healthy digestive system

Optimal GI capsules by Seeking Health provide a powerful blend of nutrients and herbs designed to support digestive and gastrointestinal health, in an easy-to-swallow capsule. Consider Optimal GI as a starting point to optimize your digestive and gut health.*

Optimal GI capsules by Seeking Health provide a powerful blend of pure nutrients and herbs in an easy-to-swallow capsule to support optimal digestive and gastrointestinal health, a vital part of maintaining a healthy immune system and overall wellness.*

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract requires more than a healthy probiotic population to support a balanced and effective digestive process. The intestines are a mucous-lined organ that performs two vital functions: absorbing nutrients and water and separating unneeded substances for waste elimination.

Optimal GI capsules contain a targeted blend of nutrients along with soothing and strengthening herbs to help support:*

  • Healthy tissues and mucous membranes in the GI tract
  • Normal bowel movements and waste elimination
  • An effective gut barrier
  • Digestive comfort
  • Normal detoxification pathways

The targeted ingredients found in Optimal GI Capsules are designed to provide the following benefits and actions:*

  • Zinc L-Carnosine supports normal protection of the small intestine lining and the body’s natural defenses against bacteria in the stomach lining.
  • Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral that supports normal waste production occuring in the kidneys.
  • N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine helps to support healthy GI barrier function and the body’s normal protection against pathogenic bacteria.
  • Citrus Fiber (pectin) is a natural fruit fiber that may help to support normal waste elimination and bowel regularity. In order for the body to rid itself of waste, dietary fiber is needed to provide bulk for bowel movements.
  • Cat’s Claw is a traditional herb that has been used for centuries to treat digestive wellness and helps to support a healthy inflammatory response in the GI tract.
  • Stinging Nettle Extract and Quercetin are added to help support normal histamine release.
  • Marshmallow Root can help to support a healthy histamine response.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM®) is a highly beneficial compound that provides important sulfur compounds to local connective tissues in the digestive tract. It may also help to support healthy detoxification and inflammatory processes.
  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Extract, Aloe Vera, and Slippery Elm are traditional herbs used to support healthy mucous membranes and to help soothe and protect the intestinal tract.
  • Turmeric (95% curcuminoids) supports healthy inflammatory responses and immune system activity.
  • Milk Thistle Extract, a powerful liver antioxidant, may help to support normal functions of the liver, and help to process compounds produced by GI inflammation and unhealthy microbes.
  • Glucoraphanin from broccoli extract supports the normal metabolism of free-radicals and reactive oxygen species.
  • Superoxide Dismutase helps to support antioxidant activity and oxidative stress by supporting normal detoxification pathways.

Optimal GI capsules are a mirror-image of our best-selling Optimal GI Powder with two main differences:

  • Optimal GI capsules are free of L-glutamine. Many understand the importance of L-glutamine for nourishing the small intestinal cells, but are unable to tolerate it.

  • Optimal GI capsules provide half the potency of Optimal GI Powder, with the serving size of five capsules being the equivalent of 1/2 scoop of Optimal GI Powder.

Suggested Use

Optimal GI Capsules should be taken away from food. Take 5 capsules daily, away from food, in divided doses, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Always follow the Pulse Method as outlined by Dr. Lynch in the book, Dirty Genes.*


Children and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use. Do not use if tamper seal is damaged. Consult with a healthcare professional before use if you are undergoing treatment for any medical condition or if you are using any medication(s), including NSAIDs.

Allergy & Diet Information

  • Optimal GI Capsules are suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Optimal GI Capsules are free of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, artificial colors, and artificial flavors
  • Optimal GI capsules meet or exceed cGMP Quality Standards

Looking for more GI support?

  • Optimal GI Powder is the same formula as Optimal GI capsules, with the addition of L-glutamine to support and nourish the small intestinal cells, and provides a more potent dosage.*

  • ProBiota 12 Powder contains 12 specific probiotics to support a diverse, healthy intestinal environment.*
  • Gallbladder Nutrients provide a unique blend of key nutrients and herbs designed to support the gallbladder and liver in healthy bile formation and flow, to help facilitate proper fat and fat-soluble nutrient digestion and absorption.*
  • Our Ox Bile supplements provide 125 mg of ox bile per capsule to aid in healthy fat metabolism, nutrient absorption, and healthy digestion.*

Serving Size: 5 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30 or 60

Calories 5
Total Carbohydrate 1 g <1%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
Zinc (as Zinc L-Carnosine) 10.5 mg 95%
Molybdenum (as Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate§) 35 mcg 78%
N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine 500 mg **
Citrus Fiber 500 mg **
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra)(root)(0.75% flavonoids) 250 mg **
Aloe Vera 200:1 Extract (Aloe barbadensis)(leaf gel) 175 mg **
Cat's Claw 10:1 Extract (Uncaria tomentosa)(bark) 175 mg **
Turmeric Extract (Curcuma longa)(roots)(95% curcuminoids) 125 mg **
Stinging Nettle Extract (Urtica dioica)(aerial parts)(1% silica) 125 mg **
Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva)(bark) 125 mg **
Quercetin (as quercetin dihydrate from Dimorphandra mollis)(pod) 125 mg **
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 125 mg **
Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis linn)(root) 100 mg **
L-Carnosine (from Zinc L-Carnosine) 41 mg **
Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum marianum)(seeds)(80% silymarin) 25 mg **
Glucoraphanin (from broccoli extract)(Brassica oleracea italica)(seed)(TrueBroc®) 9 mg **
Superoxide Dismutase [from melon (Cucumis melo)(pulp) extract] 3.5 mg (49 IU) **
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Capsule (hypromellose and water), microcrystalline cellulose, ascorbyl palmitate, and silica.
§TRAACS are registered trademarks of Albion Laboratories, Inc.
TrueBroc® is protected by trademarks and patents of Brassica Protection Products LLC

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Delivery Method Vegetarian Capsules
Capsule Size 00E
Storage Keep closed in a cool, dry place out of reach by children.
Age Suitability Adult
Manufactured In USA
Case Quantity 12
Dimensions (in.) 150-Count: Length: 2.875 / Width: 2.875 / Height: 5.25; 300-Count: Length: 4 / Width: 4 / Height: 6
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4 Reviews
Rated 3 out of 5
Review posted

Not for me

I have got palpitations from this product. I have a condition called supraventricular tachycardia and anything that rises my heart rate is causing me trouble. Initially I didn't know what component from Optimal GI makes my heart racing. I did a research about each component and I found out that deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract can lead to abnormal heart rhythm. Just be aware when you take this supplement if you have any heart issues.

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Review posted

Great for Leaking Gut

This Optimal GI capsule product is great. My leaky Gut Issues caused facial swelling, nasal congestion and maxillary sinus pressure. I started taking this product along with other products by seeking health ( liver nutrients, histamine block, ox bile, PC Optimal ), and my facial pain, swelling and congestion went down significantly. I was taking the L glut-amine at first, but the side effects cause me to have more issues. I have been taking the liver nutrients, histamine block, ox bile for several months and I have only been taking the Optimal GI capsule for about two weeks, but it has been a big difference. I will try to remember follow up in the next month to let you know how things are going.

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Review posted

Really Helping!

I have tried the GI support powder before and didn't like it at all so when I saw this come out in the capsules, I decided to try it.

It is really helping and I am ordering my 2nd bottle to keep the healing going.

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Review posted

Love this option

Thank you, for making this option. I typically use GI-Revive powder in the morning with some water, but this is a great option for on my busy days where I have to be out the door and popping a few of these with my morning water is great for those days. Thank you.

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