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Vitamin D3 + K2

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports healthy teeth and bones
  • High potency. 5,000 IU of D3 and 100 mcg of K2 as MK7

Who Needs Vitamin D3+K2

The combination of these two ingredients are essential for health. Ensuring you have sufficient levels is incredibly important.

Assess each statement below. If you relate to one or more, then Vitamin D3 + K2 may be the vitamin D supplement you need:

If a number of those resonated with you, then Vitamin D3 + K2 is something that you should seriously consider.

If none of the statements above relate to your current life situation, then Vitamin D3 + K2 is most likely not something you need right now.

Customer Review

Love It

This is my favorite vitamin D I have found! I love that it also has K2 in it and it is one of the most affordable supplements compared to other brands that also include K2. They are easy to take and have helped my immune system! ~Lindsey

Key Ingredients In Vitamin D3+K2

  • Vitamin D3: At 5,000 IU per small capsule, vitamin D3 in this amount supports a healthy immune system, mood, calcium absorption and metabolism, and cardiovascular system.
  • Vitamin K2: When vitamin K2 is in the form of MK7, it acts longer in the body. The MK-7 form of K2 lasts in your body for 72 hours compared to the 1-2 hours of MK-4. Vitamin K2 helps direct calcium out of the blood vessels and into bones.

Why Vitamin D3+K2 Works

Strong bones require sufficient calcium. In order to get calcium delivered to your bones, your body requires the combination of vitamin D3 and K2.

Vitamin D helps your intestines absorb more calcium. With healthy vitamin D levels, you absorb 30-40% of the calcium that you eat. When you’re low in vitamin D, you absorb only 10-15% of the calcium that you eat. That’s a big difference.

Let’s say you have healthy vitamin D levels. With that, you likely have sufficient calcium absorbed. You need to move the calcium out of your blood vessels and into your bones.

Without enough vitamin K, calcium gets deposited inside your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, and even the brain. This is why it’s important to supplement with both vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

To name a few other benefits beyond calcium and bones, the combination of vitamin D3 and K2 support a healthy:

  • Immune system
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Brain
  • Blood sugar

Vitamin D3+K2
Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

AMT %Daily Value
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 125mcg (5000 IU) 625%
Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7) 100 mcg *
*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetarian capsule (hypromellose and water), ascorbyl palmitate, and silica.

  • Suitable For: Vegetarians
  • Delivery Method: Capsules
  • How To Store: Keep closed in a cool, dry place out of reach by children.

Free Of: Corn, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Gluten, GMO, Peanuts, Sesame, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Artificial Colors, and Artificial Flavors

How to Use Vitamin D3+K2

Suggested Use

As needed, take 1 capsule with food any time of day or night, or as directed by your healthcare professional


Consult your healthcare professional prior to use. Do not use if inner tamper seal is damaged.

Dr. Lynch's Tips

Generally speaking, Vitamin D3 + K2 is a supplement that you can use daily.

I prefer taking Vitamin D3 + K2 every night after dinner. I usually take it along with my other foundational supplements: Optimal Fish Oil and ProBiota HistaminX.

Pregnant or breastfeeding? Optimal Prenatal and Prenatal Essentials already provide you 4,000 IU of D3 and 100 mcg of K2 as MK7 with each serving. You should not need to supplement with Vitamin D3 + K2 unless your healthcare professional advised you to do so.

The safe daily upper limit intake of vitamin D3 for:

  • 4-8 years old is 3,000 IU
  • 9 years and above is 4,000 IU
You may use Vitamin D3 + K2 for kids 4 years old and up. You would not give it to them daily. Instead, you would give it to them every other day. This way, they stay within the safe upper limit range.

If they cannot swallow a capsule, you may open the capsule and empty the contents on a bite of food.

It’s recommended to test your vitamin D3 levels periodically with your doctor. You don’t want them too high or too low. If too high, it can contribute to high blood calcium levels. Ask your doctor to test blood calcium levels if you discover that your D3 levels are in the high range.

There is a lot of confusion about what the ideal vitamin D3 range is. Talk with your doctor about this.

I personally like to see my vitamin D3 levels between 30-50 ng/mL. I know some health professionals like to see vitamin D3 levels quite high for some conditions such as autoimmune disease. Follow your health professional’s recommendation.

Magnesium does support vitamin D3 metabolism. We don’t provide magnesium in any of our vitamin D3 supplements because it’s bulky. That would mean a larger capsule or multiple capsules per serving.

Where can you get extra magnesium? You can get 150 mg of magnesium from either Optimal Electrolyte or Optimal Magnesium. I drink Optimal Electrolyte every day so I don’t need to use Optimal Magnesium.

FAQs for Vitamin D3+K2

What is the purpose of each ingredient in Vitamin D3+K2?

Ingredients Purpose
Vitamin D3 Supports a healthy immune system, mood, calcium absorption and metabolism, and cardiovascular system
Vitamin K2 Supports healthy calcium utilization, normal regulation of calcium deposition, artery and blood vessel function, and healthy blood flow

Why is Vitamin D3+K2 not suitable for vegans

Vitamin D3+K2 is suitable for vegetarians. The vitamin D3 is derived from sheep’s wool, therefore making Vitamin D3+K2 unsuitable for some vegans. This vitamin D3, however, is derived from wool that is sheared from live healthy sheep so no animals are harmed in the process.

Who is Vitamin D3+K2 intended for?

Vitamin D3+K2 is intended for those seeking support for their heart health and blood flow, healthy tooth and bone density, and immune system function.

This is a great option for those needing a high dose of these two nutrients, in a convenient capsule format.

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  • KK
    Kevin K.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 week ago
    Optimal levels!

    This supplement took my D3 level from 22 in January to 83 in May! Have taken many other D3 supplements with very little difference. Seeking Health supplements are by far the best I have ever taken.

  • ST
    Stephanie T.
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    I recommend this product
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    1 week ago
    Vitamin D

    Love these!

  • RV Profile picture for Rebecca V.facebook logo
    Rebecca V.
    Verified Reviewer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 week ago
    Lasts a long time. Clean and pure

    I love this liquid supplement I wish all my supplements were this easy to take and lasted this long .. happy to have the added k. Thank you

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