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Seeking Health we will be closed on May 27th in observance of the holiday. We will resume normal business hours on May 28th.
Seeking Health we will be closed on May 27th in observance of the holiday. We will resume normal business hours on May 28th.

Detox Hacks for Your Everyday Life

Detox Hacks for Your Everyday Life

When we think about detoxification, we often think of it as a one-time event, like spring cleaning. But the truth is, detoxification is a continuous process that is essential for your overall health.

On a daily basis, you are exposed to toxins from your environment, the food you eat, the products you use, and bacteria in your digestive tract. These toxins can accumulate in your body and lead to a variety of health problems, including:


  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Issues
  • Illness


In a recent interview with Mikhaila Peterson, ​​Detox Hacks, Histamine Intolerance, Genes and Toxic Substances in the Environment, Dr. Ben Lynch talks about the importance of detoxing and how you can incorporate it into your life.**


Check Out the Full Interview


In the interview, Dr. Lynch discusses different ways you can help your body’s detoxification pathways.

“You should only feel better when you detox. You should not feel worse. You feel worse, it’s a red flag.” - Dr. Ben Lynch


Using a Sauna

Sweating is a great way to rid your body of toxins. And the benefits of a sauna are plentiful. But a big issue is that you must know how to sauna in order to obtain these incredible benefits. For tips on how to get the most out of your sauna experience, check out Dr. Ben Lynch’s free “How to Sauna Guide.”

Supporting Detoxification with Supplementation†

Optimal Glutathione Plus - Lozenges

Glutathione is a crucial part of the body’s healthy elimination process of free radicals, toxins, and heavy metals. Having good glutathione levels can help to support healthy aging, and keep your detoxification system “well-oiled”.†

As the body’s master antioxidant, glutathione supports the body's natural detoxification pathways which aim to create a healthy response to oxidative stress and support the body's natural protective mechanisms.†

Experience the benefits of glutathione quickly, with the great-tasting and effective Optimal Glutathione Plus - Lozenges.


Histamine Digest

Histamine is a substance that acts like an alarm system. It tells us when there is something dangerous in our bodies – bacteria, infection, viruses. Histamine signals our immune cells to fight off the alien substance.

Like so many biochemicals, histamine is a double-edged sword. We depend on it – but too much of it can cause a multitude of health problems.

Support healthy histamine levels with Histamine Digest.†

ProBiota HistaminX

Histamine intolerance is exacerbated by poor gut health. Your gut bacteria play essential roles in supporting healthy inflammatory processes, digestion, and even histamine metabolism.

ProBiota HistaminX is a unique probiotic supplement designed for those sensitive to histamine. It excludes strains known to produce high levels of histamine in the gut.†

Support microbiome balance and a healthy gut response to ingested histamine with ProBiota HistaminX.†

Gallbladder Nutrients

When bile production is reduced, it can lead to an overgrowth of small intestinal bacteria (SIBO) and an inability to fully digest fats. Likewise, if your bile function is slowed, it can impact fat digestion and bacterial balance.

Gallbladder Nutrients provides the nutrient building blocks you need for normal bile production. It includes herbs that support both healthy bile production in the liver and bile flow from your gallbladder.†



† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**The information, comments, and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker(s) and are based on their own clinical experience and interpretation of the literature. Published content is intended for educational purposes only.

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