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Gut Health Supplements

Our bodies spend a tremendous amount of energy maintaining the health of our gut. A healthy gut is the result of making good food choices and getting the right nutrients. It’s also intimately related to microbial diversity, and the limited use of antibiotics, antacids and NSAIDs. The #1 used nutrient by the cells in the small intestine is l-glutamine. This is found in Optimal GI Powder along with other gut and immune supportive herbs and nutrients. The most important nutrient needed by cells in the large intestine is butyrate. Butyrate can be made from acetate-producing probiotics such as Bifidobacteria found in ProBiota HistaminX. Besides gut health supplementation, chewing food very well, drinking filtered water and reducing stressors (especially during meal times) are all key to achieving and maintaining a healthy gut. Our top-rated gut health supplements are Optimal GI Powder and ProBiota HistaminX.*