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Magnesium Supplements

There are many benefits of magnesium. Your body needs healthy levels of magnesium intake for many reasons: brain health, blood pressure, cognitive function, heart health, bone health, immune system function, electrolyte balance, energy production, muscle function, and overall health.


With so much relying on this important mineral, you want to get enough magnesium! There are different types of magnesium. You want dietary supplements that focus on bioavailability and have the right amount of magnesium for health benefits.


Explore Seeking Health’s magnesium supplements below. If you are looking for a specific form of magnesium, we have the best magnesium supplements you need.


Some of our best-selling options include Optimal Magnesium, which provides a combination of magnesium malate and magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate. Magnesium Plus also includes vitamin B6 to support muscle relaxation and energy metabolism. Magnesium Malate provides an easy-to-take powdered form with the ability to easily customize serving size. Magnesium Malate Chewable provides a lower amount magnesium malate in a convenient chewable format. Magnesium Glycinate Powder supports a healthy nervous system.


Check out this comparison chart to select the right magnesium support for you.


Explore magnesium capsules, chewables, and powders below. Seeking Health’s magnesium supplements are gluten-free, contain no fillers, and provide the best types of magnesium in absorbable forms.