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Muscle Health Supplements

Muscle health requires electrolytes, protein and antioxidants. Stiffness, cramps, spasms and rigidity are all too common during exercise. These symptoms are less likely if muscles are provided with sufficient electrolytes and creatine. Protein powders may be needed to support muscle health, especially post-workout, as amino acids are lost through sweat and protein helps to repair damaged muscle tissue. Exercise is a stressor on the body, but if you experience post-workout soreness that lasts for days, it might be a signal from your body. Long post-workout soreness can be a sign of inflammation or an overproduction of free-radicals in the body. When plagued with post-workout soreness, supporting muscle health with antioxidants may be beneficial. Stretching, yoga, variation in activities, saunas and cold showers can also be supportive of muscle health. Our top rated muscle health support supplements are Optimal Electrolyte, Optimal Creatine and PQQ.*