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At Seeking Health, we believe there is a fundamental step missing, almost 100% of the time, in today’s healthcare system. A consistent focus on treating symptoms, rather than building health, can mean that you cycle in and out of symptoms and “treatment” over and over, sometimes for years. The root cause for many health conditions and symptoms stems from ineffective digestion and poor diet, along with other issues like environmental exposures, sleep issues and even a lack of community.

Supporting you to optimize your digestion, reduce environmental exposure and toxic burden, and optimize your diet so nutrients can flood in, is our path to increasing energy and helping your immune system and overall health.

If you support your body’s built-in systems, especially digestion and mental health, with pure, highly absorbable, well-formulated nutrients, your ability to remain healthy and happy significantly increases. We want your foundation rock-solid, and we provide the tools to help you make it so.

Our commitment to quality, growth and evolution of products is forefront, but our paramount concerns are unwavering, as we strive to give you supplements that have unparalleled potency, purity, biological availability, and effectiveness. We go to great lengths to find sources that we feel confident will meet our highest standards.

It is important for you to know that we do way more than provide dietary supplements. Our product line grows as new discoveries and demands come about. We educate you on how to approach your health through dietary, lifestyle, mental and nutritional needs. We have an ever-growing interactive Learning Center and Blog providing cutting-edge research articles, podcasts, videos, educational posts, and presentations.

We are here to see you constantly and consistently improve your life and health. Your body is a healing machine. It is literally made that way. Our true passion is prevention. If we can prevent disease and promote health through educating you and others on how to build and maintain a solid foundation, then we’ve accomplished our goal.

Welcome to Seeking Health.


Ben Lynch, ND


I enjoy researching and discovering ways to resolve complex health problems. When not researching, you’ll find me spending time with my wife, Nadia, and three boys, Tasman, Mathew and Theo. We’re big into soccer, being outside, any type of water activity and traveling. Key travel highlights include working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, sailing from Australia to Indonesia and working as a jackaroo on a 1.5 million acre cattle station in Outback Australia.

Adam Rustad


I enjoy hiking the Bellingham trails with my wife Samira, Ryder our newborn son, and his four-legged big brother Stanley the Boxer. The local golf courses, hockey rink, and wellness facilities provide attractive options to keep our commitment to Optimizing Life intact in the beautiful Northwest. Our family are full time “Seekers” incorporating various Seeking Health products such as Optimal Prenatal in our smoothies, Optimal Electrolytes before and during a work-out, and the chewable Optimal Multivitamin to get the morning going.

Marcus Warolin, CPA


I joined the Seeking Health team in June of 2016 and love being with a company that focuses on wellness as much as my family and I do. Outside of work, you will find me in the hills outside of Bellingham training with my wife for our next ultra-marathon, or mountain biking with my kids on Galbraith Mountain. I take the Optimal Multivitamin Plus and the Optimal Protein powder to help make sure I am ready for whatever adventure is next.

Carol Ozmer

Financial Administrator

Outside of the office I’m a mom of 2 amazing boys. We enjoy going on adventures of all kinds and make full use of the beautiful environment we live in. I supplement my family life with creating art, gardening, and horseback riding. Being a part of the Seeking Health team has been priceless for me in so many ways, topmost being the whole health/life balance that is supported. Photo credit goes to Sharon Grainger.

Matt Millson

Warehouse Lead

Aloha amigos, I help manage the Warehouse, Receiving, and FBA Amazon department here at Seeking Health. I grew up in the small town of Glacier, WA but now live in Bellingham and am loving every minute of it. In my free time I like to play indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, hiking, tickling the ol’ piano keys and traveling. My favorite supplement to take is our Multivitamin Chewables because they are so easy to take.

Daniel Menck

Assistant Warehouse Lead

I'm the warehouse assistant lead which means I'm Matt's right-hand man. Together we ensure that 100% of the orders get shipped out in a timely and orderly fashion. When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife, precious baby girl and my two lazy dogs. I'm a volunteer firefighter, Master Gardener and I enjoy juggling. I take the berry electrolyte powder, D3 liquid and my dogs like the fish oil capsules.

Jamy Pearson

Targeted Support Coordinator

Living life energetically is my intention and staying healthy is the main goal! I can be found in the mountains on a board, bike or my own two feet - Nature is calling and I must answer! The Liposomal Vitamin C is my favorite. It supports my wellness and helps me feel vibrant and energetic!

Scott Skomski

Fulfillment Specialist

I specialize in fulfillment and love my job! When I’m not doing that, I love hanging out with my awesome coworkers, playing guitar, going to the arcade, and eating pizza (but not without the lactase drops first)! I’m really lucky to be a part of such an excellent team. My all-time supplements are the optimal multivitamin chewables and Active B12 with L-5 MTHF.

Brian Hillsberg

Operations – Purchasing

I was born and raised in Whatcom County and grew up playing in the mountains and the ocean. I graduated from Western Washington University where I studied Business and Elementary Education. I enjoy playing soccer, riding my ATV, coaching youth sports and seeking new adventures with my family. Taking care of my body has always been a priority and I am grateful to work for a company that exemplifies this principle. I take a range of supplements from Active B12 to Zinc and take comfort in knowing these are pure, quality and well-formulated.

Sarissa Sanderson

Project Manager

I was born and raised in western Washington and as a result, have developed a predictable but undying love for the geographical splendor and variety surrounding this corner of the continent. Inside of my office, I enjoy problem solving, research, tea and oranges that may or may not come all the way from China. Outside of the office, I enjoy those things too but also long walks, windstorms, bird watching, music and a good book.

Amber Larsen

QA & Regulatory Manager

I am thrilled to be working for a company where health, innovation, positivity, and collaboration are valued. After 18 years away from the Pacific Northwest, I am finally back home in Bellingham, WA where my husband and I were both born and raised. We are overjoyed to be raising our daughter in this awesome place. As a former collegiate track and field coach, running is still my stress relief method of choice. I also enjoy yoga, cooking, traveling and reading.

Ceylon Keeslar

Product Education Specialist

I am a graduate of Western Washington University with a BS in Psychology. I enjoy spending time with my friends in the mountains, water and artsy downtown of Bellingham, WA. One of my biggest passions is full body health. I fell in love with strength and wellness after learning of its importance in my own life. My hobbies are singing, art, acting, cooking healthy meals and yoga.

Tim DenAdel

Wholesale Department

Outside of work a typical day for me is filled with writing music for my band The Mountain Flowers. I love going down to Bellingham bay, or driving around Chuckanut Mountain listening to music in my car. I currently work in the wholesale department at Seeking Health, but I have done everything from shipping and receiving, to representing Seeking Health at conferences around the country, and sound engineering for our annual conference SHEICON. My favorite Seeking Health product is the Optimal Electrolyte Orange flavor.

Collin Milligan

Fulfillment Specialist/QC Assistant

Outside of working for this amazing company you can find me first enjoying time with my beautiful wife and daughter. We attend Redeemer Church in Bellingham WA and truly love the community in this city. My Kinesiology degree from WWU has opened my eyes to how amazing the body is and how important our health is in all functions of life. My family and I enjoy working in our organic garden, strength training, and adventuring the incredibly beautiful Pacific Northwest through hiking, camping and hunting.

You demand the best for you and your family. We research so we can give it to you. Our rapid growth is a testament to you, our customers.
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