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Our Story

Seeking Health was born out of necessity, to change a society where true healthcare has been substituted for symptomatic "ill-care."

Suppressing symptoms doesn’t lead to health, but to continued disease.

Our passion is to provide education and quality products to support a lasting foundation for optimal health.

If we can help prevent disease through education, then we have accomplished our goal.

We believe the root cause for many health conditions and symptoms stem from:

  • Ineffective digestion
  • Environmental exposures
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of healthy social outlet and inlet

What happens when these areas are restored?

  • Nutrients from food and supplements can be efficiently absorbed once digestion is optimized and healthy levels of probiotics, digestive enzymes, stomach acids and intestinal support nutrients are restored.
  • Nutrients are free to begin promoting health instead of fighting disease once environmental exposures are identified and the body's toxin load is reduced.
  • Nutrients from healthful foods are effectively utilized, energy levels and sleep cycles become balanced, and the immune system is at its peak once the diet is optimized.
  • Nutrients are used in a proactive manner, rather than wasted on over-production of stress hormones to sustain the "fight or flight" response once a healthy social outlet and social inlet are created.

Team Seeking Health

Based in one of the nation's greenest places to live, Bellingham, Washington, Seeking Health is operated and managed by a dedicated and like-minded team of individuals.


The hummingbird symbolizes light and vitality. It represents existing fully in the present moment. Its spirit is playful, inviting the light-hearted side of life in everyday experiences. Those who take on the symbol of the hummingbird bring a vivaciousness to reality through expression of love. Yet despite its soft, delicate body, the hummingbird is swift and resilient. Its representation inspires independence and optimism above all else.