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Why You Should Use an NADH Supplement

Why You Should Use an NADH Supplement

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and then chug down an espresso just to get through your day?

Are you an athlete who trains and competes for long hours seeking that extra energy to get you to first place?

Would you love more energy all day long?

If so, check out this powerful, tasty, and optimally-absorbing lozenge that may just be your perfect solution: Energy Nutrients.

Keep reading to learn about how NADH and CoQ10 are key for supporting your body’s natural ability to produce and sustain energy.

Your mitochondria (powerhouses inside each cell) produce energy for your cells, and therefore energy for the rest of your body. They require a number of essential nutrients to do this. More specifically, two of these nutrients are absolutely key for the function and vitality of your mitochondria: NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) a compound produced from food, and a naturally-occurring antioxidant, CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10).

Let’s break down how this works.

How This NADH Supplement Works on A Biological Level

When you consume food, a compound called NADH is created from the glucose in your meal. This NADH travels to your mitochondria and initiates the first out of five crucial steps that form your body’s energy molecule otherwise known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Once NADH is used, an antioxidant called CoQ10 is needed to transfer the electrons that are created from NADH for ATP production. Seems easy enough, right?


It’s not easy for your body to make NADH! Making NADH requires several genes and many different vitamins. You may not have sufficient B vitamins, or the genes required to make NADH may not be functioning optimally. If any of these genes are acting "dirty" as described in Dr. Ben Lynch's book Dirty Genes, your ability to make NADH decreases dramatically.

Adding insult to injury, your CoQ10 levels plummet as you age, especially with increased stressboth physically and mentally. If there isn’t enough CoQ10, the electrons get ‘stuck’ so to speak, and will not be released to produce energy. Your energy levels drop, and you struggle.

What Happens When Your CoQ10 and NADH Are Low

To compensate for your fatigue, you might find yourself reaching for caffeine. Caffeine can cause sleep issues, overstimulation, anxiety, headaches, loss of electrolytes, and tight name just a few issues.

If you’re exercising hard or are an athlete, you might be taking those sugar-y glucose packs with artificial ingredients and colors.

Both caffeine and glucose packs may provide increased energy, but they do so at a cost. Premature aging, fatigue, and quick-to-drain energy are all the price of artificial energy.

Support Your Energy, Naturally

You need a healthy alternative to caffeine, sugar, and other artificial forms of “energy” that may cause more harm than good. This is exactly why Dr. Ben Lynch created this NADH supplement for you: Energy Nutrients.

Here’s how to use NADH+CoQ10: Simply take one tasty lozenge and let it melt in your mouth before swallowing to allow for optimal absorption. Always tune into how you are feeling before taking a dietary supplement. If you feel that you don’t need the whole lozenge, you can break it into smaller pieces, take a portion, and put the remaining amount back in the bottle. Be sure to always take this on an empty stomach. Put it on your bedside table to take right when you wake up for an energy-supported day!

Why Should I Take NADH + CoQ10 on an Empty Stomach? 

Consuming food creates NADH, and if you get it from food and a dietary supplement all at once, it may cause too much in your body.

Yes, you can have too much NADH.

An overload of NADH can result in the opposite of what you want: fatigue. To understand this, think of what happens when you overeat, such as during a holiday meal. How do you feel afterwards? Exhausted, right? Too much NADH is one reason for feeling tired after overeating.

Now think about when you are hungry. You also feel tired, right? Not enough food makes you feel fatigued because you don’t have enough NADH. So there is a Goldilocks place with NADH that makes for optimal energy. This product is specifically formulated to contain just the right amount of NADH for your body’s optimal energy — this is exactly why you need to take it on an empty stomach. You’ll learn what that sweet spot feels like once you start taking it!

Aside from taking on an empty stomach, you need to understand how to use this product correctly for the best experience possible.

Before taking this NADH supplement, there are four factors you need to consider.

4 Things To Do Before Taking an NADH Supplement

  1. ENSURE AN EMPTY STOMACH: Though we just talked about this above, it should be the first thing you think about before popping one of these lozenges under your tongue. For those with normal gastric function, it takes about 2-5 hours for someone’s stomach to move food into the intestines. This is why we suggest taking it first thing in the morning (set it on your bedside table!), unless you are using it for mid-day exercise support. (1)
  2. HYDRATE: You need to be hydrated. Without water, you may have energy stores available, but you cannot access them. Energy needs water in order to be unlocked. Remember ATP? ATP is your energy compound and stands for adenosine triphosphate, which means it has 3 phosphates. When water in the cell cuts off a phosphate, you feel a burst of energy from its release, and the energy compound is now adenosine diphosphate. Drinking just water isn’t enough. You have to get water INSIDE your cells. Optimal Electrolyte is designed to support optimal hydration.
  3. REDUCE OXIDATIVE STRESS: Your mitochondria depend heavily on antioxidants in order to function. If you don’t have sufficient antioxidants in your body, your mitochondria may not be able to use NADH or CoQ10. This is why Dr. Lynch highly recommends PQQ, Liposomal Glutathione Plus, or Optimal Liposomal Glutathione. Any of these antioxidant formulations can help support your body's response to oxidative stress, allowing your mitochondria to function and thereby be able to use NADH and CoQ10.
  4. CLEAN YOUR GENES: Your genes must be functioning properly in order to adequately turn on the enzymes needed to support ATP production. This is especially true for your ‘Super Seven’ genes that are discussed in Dr. Ben Lynch’s book, Dirty Genes. In this book, he describes the seven genes which are shown to have the most common variations that can contribute to health issues when not properly addressed via environmental and lifestyle action. Even without genetic variations, these genes also become “dirty” easily, as explained in Dr. Lynch’s book. Focusing on these genes will allow you to understand why your energy levels are low, and how to improve the function of your genes so that you can get the best experience out of NADH + COQ10.

Ready to Have More Energy?

How would it feel to wake up and bounce out of bed, feeling ready for the day?

How would it feel to be able to play tennis, ski, soccer, or any other sport with vibrant energy?

Would you like to hear your friends ask you, “What happened to you? You are so full of energy these days! I wish I could keep up!”

Energy Nutrients is your solution created by naturopath and epigenetic researcher Dr. Ben Lynch, a world-known naturopathic doctor, author, and expert in the body’s biochemical pathways. He formulates all of Seeking Health’s supplement formulations based on his extensive research. He understands what the body requires all the way down to the genetic level. That’s why Seeking Health supplements provide the results you want, in a form that your body can actually recognize and utilize in all the right places: this is what we call Targeted Support.

Talk to your qualified healthcare professional about adding Energy Nutrients to your daily routine so you can experience the vitality you deserve.

The Bottom Line

You may need an NADH supplement if you are concerned about your energy levels in any way. This is because Energy Nutrients contains the two essential nutrients for energy production in the cell.

NADH is naturally created in your body from food, however, too much can make you feel fatigued, and too little can make you feel fatiguedyou want the right amount for lasting, powerful energy.

Energy Nutrients has been perfectly formulated with just the right amount of NADH to support your energy levels.

Plus, this powerful product contains CoQ10, which NADH needs to move forward with energy release.

Besides taking on an empty stomach, make sure you clearly understand how to use Energy Nutrients so that you can optimize your experience with it, such as hydrating, reducing oxidative stress, and cleaning your genes.

It is time for you to quit the caffeine and sugar addiction.

Start treating your body how it wants to be treated, and your natural energy will flow.

Click add to cart now to start feeling energized.

And if you want this energy every single month without missing a day, subscribe to autoship for a discount and you will get it delivered to your doorstep without needing to reorder.

You know how important energy is for your overall life success and happiness.

And now, this energy is within your reach.


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