Getting the right information that helps you put the pieces together can be life changing - literally. Online Courses by Dr. Ben Lynch have often been described as exactly this - 'Life Changing'. Which course should you choose? It depends on your background knowledge and what you're the most interested in. For those getting started, the best course to start with, by far, is the Dirty Genes Course. The Dirty Genes Summit offers nearly 50 expert interviews discussing their methods for cleaning up dirty genes. It's also a super convenient method of learning – everything is available for download onto your computer or phone so you can listen while you work, exercise, fly or drive.

The SHEICON series are a collection of past conferences held by Dr. Lynch. If you want advanced level science explained in a way that make sense, the SHEICON series is going to rock your world! We strongly recommend not taking the SHEICON series until you have gone through the Dirty Genes Series. Part 1 and Part 2 of the SHEICON series are the first conferences Dr. Lynch ever offered to health professionals. The intensely scientific information is still top notch and regarded as some of the most innovative and clinically relevant information that many of the doctors in attendance had ever received!