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Seeking Health we will be closed on May 27th in observance of the holiday. We will resume normal business hours on May 28th.

5 Histamine Intolerance Supplements†

5 Histamine Intolerance Supplements†

When it comes to histamine intolerance, you might be searching high and low for answers, for tools, for anything to feel in control of the histamine in your body.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything from antihistamines to a low-histamine diet? 

Do you get symptoms of histamine intolerance when you eat high histamine foods, such as fermented foods?

Have you noticed that gut-healthy foods like yogurt and sauerkraut leave you feeling worse?

Do you experience symptoms such as hives and itchy skin (urticaria), bloating, sneezing, and runny nose?

Histamine intolerance is not well understood in the medical field, often leaving doctors and patients with more questions than answers. And while histamine intolerance may feel a lot like food allergies or food intolerance, it is much different.

Dr. Ben Lynch, founder, and formulator of Seeking Health supplements understands how frustrating histamine intolerance can be. From years of research studying the root cause(s) of histamine intolerance, he has formulated a series of supplements to support healthy histamine levels and a healthy response to histamine. As some of our top-sellers at Seeking Health, these supplements have helped him, his family, and thousands of customers. 

View our Histamine Intolerance Supplements here.

Histamine Intolerance Supplements†

These histamine intolerance formulas are specifically designed to support healthy histamine levels, in slightly different ways. Some support gut health while others address histamine release.  

There are a multitude of factors that contribute to histamine intolerance, which you can read about here. Moreover, there are many ways to treat histamine intolerance, based on the root cause(s). First and foremost, it’s important to determine why your histamine levels are elevated, so you can properly support them.

For example, you may have gut irritation which is slowing down your diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme, preventing it from breaking down histamine from food properly. You may also have a genetic single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in your DAO gene, that contributes to naturally slower DAO activity. What does this mean? It means the amount of histamine in your gut may be higher than normal due to a lack of DAO enzyme activity. However, DAO supplementation may not support all of your concerns. You may also need to do an elimination diet, such as a low-histamine diet, and address gut issues with a qualified healthcare practitioner. (1, 2, 3)

All of these pieces are crucial components to learning how to treat and manage histamine intolerance. Figuring out the primary cause(s) will help you to choose the perfect formula to support healthy histamine metabolism and a normal response to histamine from food. You can rest assured that Seeking Health’s histamine-support formulas have been meticulously designed, from a place of empathy for those with histamine concerns.

Seeking Health’s histamine-support products are:

  1. Third-party tested 
  2. Free from common allergens
  3. Free from GMO markers
  4. Research-based
  5. Formulated by Dr. Ben Lynch

As always, be sure to talk with your qualified healthcare professional to determine the best option(s) for you. Now, let's take a look at the major differences between these formulas, and why you might need them.

5 Supplements to Support Healthy Histamine Levels

1. Histamine-Friendly Probiotic (ProBiota HistaminX)

Histamine intolerance is exacerbated by poor gut health. (4) Your gut bacteria play essential roles in supporting healthy inflammatory processes, digestion, and even histamine metabolism. You have probably heard that probiotics are a powerful tool for adding good bacteria back into your intestines. When you work with your health professional to treat your histamine intolerance, they will likely prescribe you a probiotic to help support your gut lining, and therefore, your response to food-derived histamine.

But did you know that many probiotics can actually produce histamine?

If you are taking a probiotic to help support healthy histamine metabolism, it may actually worsen your symptoms! Why? Bacteria can naturally produce histamine. Therefore, it is important to find a probiotic that is formulated to avoid strains known to produce histamine in the gut!

Dr. Lynch formulated this very probiotic, called ProBiota HistaminX which is a one-of-a-kind probiotic formulated to avoid strains known to produce excess histamine in the gut. These probiotic species include both lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, specifically chosen to support a healthy microbiome for those intolerant to histamine. It supports your gut’s natural response to ingested histamine, healthy bacterial balance, healthy skin, and normal inflammatory processes.

In fact, our customers are so happy with this product, it is a #1 best-selling Seeking Health supplement! This product is a go-to for those with histamine intolerance. If you also suffer from this concern, be sure to always keep a bottle in your fridge! Its nourishing “belly bugs” support a healthy gut microbiome without adding additional histamine that can worsen your symptoms.

Get ProBiota HistaminX here.

2. The DAO Enzyme (Histamine Digest)

DAO is the enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine in the digestive tract from food, drink, and the microbiome. If histamine is left unmetabolized, it can build up and absorb through the gut lining. When absorbed systemically, it can become activated via various histamine receptors throughout the body, causing a release of histamine and uncomfortable symptoms.

Certain foods and drinks contain high levels of histamine. Examples include fermented foods, aged cheeses, wine, kombucha, and other fermented or aged foods and drinks. A normal person's microbiome contains some bacteria that naturally produce histamine. However, if these bacteria become imbalanced, they can contribute to excess histamine in the system and potential GI issues.

In addition to excess histamine, reduced DAO can also contribute to difficulty metabolizing histamine. DAO may be reduced for a number of reasons, including medications that act like intestinal DAO blockers, genetic polymorphisms that affect DAO activity, and reduced nutrient cofactors that are required for DAO and other histamine pathway enzymes to work efficiently. Either way, DAO is a major, if not, the most crucial aspect of histamine intolerance. 

Histamine Digest is a DAO supplement that provides 4.2 mg of DAO per capsule — the perfect companion for high-histamine meals! When taken no more than 15 minutes before consumption, it can support the healthy degradation of histamine from food and drink. Vitamin C is also added to this formula, which is known to support healthy DAO levels, as well as a normal histamine response. This incredible DAO supplement is available in a 30-count or 90-count bottle and is a must-have for your holiday meals, travel, and more! (1, 2)

Get Histamine Digest here.

3. DAO Enzyme + Cofactors (Histamine Nutrients)

DAO is the primary enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine in your digestive tract. However, there are other enzymes involved in your histamine pathway as well. These enzymes require certain nutrient cofactors to function optimally. For example, if you are deficient in copper and vitamin B6, DAO may not be able to efficiently break down histamine. (1, 2)

Dr. Ben Lynch formulated Histamine Nutrients, a full histamine pathway support formula containing the necessary cofactor nutrients for system-wide histamine metabolism and optimal DAO functionality.

Histamine is broken down via DAO and another enzyme known as histamine methyltransferase (HNMT). While both of these enzymes may be involved in overall histamine response, they can malfunction in the presence of toxic byproducts from histamine breakdown. These toxic byproducts are known as imidazole acetaldehyde and N-methylhistamine. They can accumulate in the body and slow down both DAO and HNMT enzymes, potentially contributing to histamine intolerance. (1, 2)

Histamine Nutrients contains nutrients to help metabolize these toxic byproducts, to keep the entire histamine pathway working smoothly. By supporting each of these enzymes with their nutrient cofactors, you can improve the overall functionality of histamine breakdown.

This graphic shows how histamine is processed in your body.

See all the nutrients in green?

Those nutrients are known as “cofactors.” They are what your body requires to process histamine down the pathways you see in this diagram. They are literally the key that turns ‘on’ your enzymes responsible for supporting histamine levels throughout your entire body. The metabolism of histamine is also known to create toxic byproducts, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and acetaldehyde. These byproducts can cause side effects and damage to cells. Histamine Block Plus also contains the cofactors needed to break down the toxic byproducts of histamine.

Histamine Nutrients provides 2.1 mg per serving, a lower strength of DAO compared to the original Histamine Block. However, it contains 12 additional nutrients that support the healthy processing and metabolism of histamine by targeting several enzymes in the histamine pathway (see pathway diagram above).

Get Histamine Nutrients here.

4. Herbal Support (HistaminX)

Histamine can contribute to nose, lung, and eye irritation if it is not appropriately supported throughout the body. It also plays a major role in a healthy immune system. Supporting healthy histamine means also supporting a healthy immune response.

When too much histamine is released from your immune cells, it can cause the immune system to overreact. This can trigger the release of even more histamine, in a vicious cycle. This is where HistaminX comes in. Dr. Lynch launched this supportive blend of flavonoids and other plant compounds which are known for supporting healthy respiratory responses, normal mucus membranes, and healthy histamine release. Bioflavonoids and certain plant compounds have natural immune regulating properties and are found in high amounts in citrus fruits. This formula blend contains compounds such as luteolin, rutin, quercetin, stinging nettle extract, bromelain (from pineapple), and glucoraphanin (from broccoli).  Each of these plays a unique role in supporting a healthy immune system response, histamine processing, respiratory health, and degradation of potentially toxic histamine metabolism byproducts (i.e. hydrogen peroxide and ammonia). (5)

Dr. Lynch specifically formulated HistaminX to support the healthy storage and release of histamine. This product is perfect for traveling and through any season, when you need to support a healthy histamine response!

Get HistaminX here.

5. Vitamin C (Liposomal Vitamin C Plus)

You probably know vitamin C as an antioxidant that supports a healthy immune response. But did you know that vitamin C also plays major roles in histamine release and DAO production? (1, 2, 4)

Vitamin C is extremely important in the production of DAO and mast cell modulation. In addition, it is critical for a healthy immune system. Our best-selling Liposomal Vitamin C Plus is a great partner for your histamine protocol. This potent liquid utilizes a non-GMO sunflower phospholipid complex attached to vitamin C for optimal absorption. It also contains bioflavonoids to enhance the utilization of vitamin C and support a healthy histamine response. The phospholipids that make up the liposomal liquid also act as major building blocks of cell membranes. Healthy cell membrane integrity is essential for normal histamine storage and release. The delicious lemon zest flavor will make it your favorite way to support healthy immunity and histamine levels. (1, 2, 4)

Get Liposomal Vitamin C Plus here.

The Bottom Line

Histamine intolerance is extremely multifactorial — many other conditions and lifestyle choices can cause high histamine and poor degradation. You need to determine the underlying reasons contributing to your histamine intolerance in order to properly manage it and find the right support for you. When it comes to managing histamine intolerance, it’s always best to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to work on diet, lifestyle, and testing. If you have histamine intolerance, please know there is hope! Seeking Health has a range of formulas to support your body’s ability to handle histamine.

See all of our Histamine Intolerance Supplements here. 

You may be surprised — you might discover that one of your medications is disrupting your DAO enzyme. Or maybe it's your gut health that needs some love and a histamine-friendly probiotic. No matter what, Seeking Health has tools for you — formulas based upon research and sourced from pure ingredients that have been third-party tested for optimal quality. Choose the best formula for you at, and start your journey to healthy histamine!



† This information is for educational purposes only. No product results are implied.

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